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Willow had barely nodded her agreement before Zagan scooped her up in his arms like a bride on her wedding day and carried her from the bathroom. He laid her gently on his bed, as if she were a precious treasure that would break. She was still damp, her wet hair soaking the pillow, but he didn’t seem to care.


She expected him to join her straight away, but he didn’t. Instead he simply stood beside the bed, watching her. That wasn’t a little creepy, was it? The longer he stared the more self conscious she became. Was something wrong with her? She looked down at herself to make sure she hadn’t sprouted an extra tit or developed a nasty rash. Shit, was she allergic to Demons or something?


“Is something wrong? Why are you staring at me like I’m a bug on your windshield?”




Zagan shook his head. No, there was nothing wrong, not one single thing. She was utter perfection. If the Fates had asked him to describe his dream woman it would be the one in front of him. To others she might have been too tall, too curvy, too loud and dramatic, but to him she was all he could ever have wanted and more.


He’d never had a woman in his bed before, not a human or any of the Demons that he used to sate his needs. He had never imagined that he would ever break that rule, wanting to keep a part of himself separate from them, but now he couldn’t imagine anything better.


“No, there’s nothing wrong or no, get away from me you weirdo?” Wills dragged at the covers, needing them as armour to protect herself. “Can I buy a vowel? Shall I whip out the glove puppets?” She was getting pissed off now. It was his fault they were bonded, his fault she had appeared in his shower and most definitely his fault that she was now naked in his bed and all he could do was stand there and bog at her. Talk about giving a girl a complex.


“OK, I’m out of here,” not giving a shit now, bolstered by the power of pissed off, she threw the duvet aside and started to move… “oof!”




Zagan was on her in a second, his lips welded her hers like he could breathe her in. His arms encircled her, pulling her closer. Wills struggled for a second, shocked by the suddenness of his actions, but was soon swept along in a tidal wave of passion that his kisses evoked.


His tongue flicked against her lips, demanding access and she happily opened for him. His tongue invaded like he did everything else, big and brash with no apologies. Feeling bolder now that he was back in the game with her, she closed her lips around his tongue, sucking lightly.


He groaned into her mouth and increased the pressure, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, making her gasp. She returned the favour when his withdrew, both of them fighting for dominance of the kiss and felt his fangs begin to descend. Even though he had just fed from her she could feel the hunger inside him. She should be scared, he was a Demon, the one thing she had always been told to avoid, yet here she was getting closer than ever. She was likely fucking up big time, but she couldn’t summon the energy to care.


He rolled over onto his back, taking her with him so she straddled his waist, bringing both their happy places into close contact. The shock of his sudden movement made her grab onto his shoulders for stability. She felt a small sting as she managed to catch her tongue on one of his fangs as their mouths crashed together. She tasted blood, her own, but didn’t have time to register much more. He stiffened against her, his body rigid in her arms, then, with a desperate moan of need, he began feasting on her mouth, sucking on her tongue like he wanted to devour her. She shuddered against him feeling him grow between her legs, his hardness pressing against her damp flesh.  


His hands went to her behind, holding her in place as he lifted his hips, grinding against her, making her moan at the feeling. He pulled his mouth from hers, leaving them both desperately gulping air.




Her lips glistened in the dim light of his bedroom, plump and swollen, showing that she had been thoroughly kissed. He found that he felt a sense of pride at how dazed and languid she looked even though her chest rose and fell rapidly as she caught her breath, which did wonderful things to her breasts, bouncing them up and down in front of his eyes.


Gods, she was beautiful. Every inch of her could have been made just for him. He had stood there like an idiot when he had first placed her on his bed, just watching her. He had never imagined that he would voluntarily put someone there. His room was his sanctuary, a place that not even Ere would dare to come in. He’d never had anyone in there which was why he had been so shocked when the witch had appeared when he had been at his most vulnerable.


He hadn’t meant to freak her out with his stand and stare routine, but he’d been unable to look away. He could feel her emotions calling to him like a beacon and he’d been entranced. He’d never allowed himself to get this close to anyone before, and he knew that if he had had the choice, he wouldn’t have done so with her either. But the fact that he had no control over it made it somehow more bearable for him. It was new for both of them, an unknown territory that they were exploring together.


He loved the way he didn’t have to guess with her. He didn’t have to try to figure out how she was feeling, what she was think or worry that she was lying to him. He had learnt the hard way that he couldn’t trust anyone in the world but himself. Now, he knew that he could trust her too, because she couldn’t hide anything from him. It was a novel feeling and one that he couldn’t get enough of.


He loved the fact that when he touched her he could feel her reaction. It was a heady feeling, knowing the effect he had on her and one that he was eager to explore to its full potential. He knew that it was a bad idea to be making any kind of plans, to be thinking about any time in the future beyond this one night, but he couldn’t help it. He knew they couldn’t be a permanent thing, knew that they would have to find a way to break the bond between them, but he’d be damned if he would waste a single moment of the time they did have.


He had to touch her again, had to finish what they had started. His cock was hard enough to hammer nails and was getting more than a little uncomfortable. That small taste of her blood had awakened the need in him and he was desperate for more. He could smell her arousal, could feel the dampness between her legs against his skin. He just knew she would be sweet on his tongue. He was done waiting. He needed her now.


He sat up with her, zeroing in on that weak spot he had discovered on her delicate throat. Kissing softly down the length of her neck starting just behind her ear, brushing her soft skin with his lips, loving each little moan and sigh she gave him.


He loved how she gave herself over to him fully, not holding back anything of herself, trusting completely. He’d been with enough cold, calculating bitches over the years to know that what he had now was something unique and precious. She lent into his touch, her body relaxing against his, her eyes closing as her head tipped back in bliss.


He could feel the echoing pleasure each of his kisses gave her, that simple little act sending a dart of tingling sensation through her body. He’d never been much of a fan of kissing before, in fact it was something he never usually did with his bed mates. He’d heard that it was something that prostitutes denied their clients, feeling it was too personal and he had to agree with them. He knew that every being he slept with was doing it for their own selfish reasons. They always wanted something from him, be it a favour, power, position or just the fact that he had a reputation for stamina if you liked your fucks rough and to the point.


It was different with her. He knew that she wanted nothing from him other than what he was willing to give and would be equally as giving herself. He found he enjoyed kissing her, craving her taste and the feel of her like a drug. He cast his mind back to the last time he had kissed someone and realised it had been just over fifty years. A mere blink of an eye in his lifetime but longer than this little witch had been alive.


He distracted her with another kiss as his hands slid between their bodies to cup her luscious breasts, loving the way she jumped at his touch. He chuckled darkly as he felt the spike of pleasure that assaulted her as his fingers pinched one hard little nipple. He needed more of her, wanted everything she had to give and more.




One second she had been perched on his lap enjoying the feel of his lips on her skin and the next she was falling backwards, landing on the bed with a soft thump. Her legs, where she had been kneeling either side of his hips, where suddenly lifted to wrap around his waist as he loomed over her, a wicked look in his eyes.


He began to kiss his way down her neck again, pausing every now and then to graze his teeth against her skin and give her a little nip. She shuddered in response as he worked his way so maddeningly slowly down her body, teasing her mercilessly. Her breasts were beginning to ache with the need to be touched some more. She could feel herself getting wetter in anticipation of what was to come.


Zagan had finally worked his way to her breasts and began to slowly lick the soft skin. She couldn’t help but moan out loud at the sensation as his fangs grazed against her sensitive skin. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked lightly.


She didn’t know what to do with her hands, it wasn’t like it had been with her ex-fiancé. He had been an enthusiastic lover but not hugely skilled from what she could tell with her extremely limited experience. He had been her first and only partner and hadn’t left her with much to compare to. With him she hadn’t been worried about touching him, hadn’t been scared that she would touch him in the wrong way, but with Zagan the hesitation was all too real.


At first she kept her arms tight to her sides, but soon she gave in to the tempting lure of his skin, placing a tentative hand on his shoulder. When he didn’t immediately flinch or pull away she grew bolder, letting her fingers trail lightly across his skin, stroking down his spine as far as she could reach.


His fingers danced over her skin in much the same way hers did his. They teased her nipple as his tongue was working on the other, dual sensations stoking the flames of her arousal, the feelings making her head spin. She let the sweet torture go on for as long as she could before she was sure her nipples were going to explode. She missed his lips.


Feeling braver she twined her fingers in his luscious hair and used it to gently raise his head up for a kiss. He growled lightly, either from her fingers in his hair or the loss of his lips on her breast but he stopped when she locked her mouth on his.


He purred against her lips and ground his hardness against her in a slow hip swivel that drove her wild.


“What do you want?” he groaned into her mouth in a voice that let her hear the strain of his holding back. He was the most intense person she had ever met and she had expected his love making to reflect that, but instead he was being careful and gentle with her. Much as she appreciated it, she didn’t want that kind of consideration. She had made the decision to be with him, and it was him she wanted. Not holding back, not tempering his desires, not trying to be someone he wasn’t. She didn’t know if the thing between them would develop into anything, or if it would even continue past that night, and if it didn’t, she wanted to know that she had experienced everything he had to offer.


She pulled her head back and looked deep into his eyes. Their silvery colour had darkened to a stormy grey, hazy with lust and untapped passion. That was what she wanted from him, the Demon he kept leashed inside him. She had seen glimpses of it whenever he was in a mood but this time was different. She wasn’t scared of him, she wasn’t going to run, not unless he pushed her away and even then he would have a fight on his hands. She wanted all of him, good and bad. She wanted to heal a little of that loneliness and self-doubt that she felt inside him. She wanted to prove to him that he was good enough.


“You,” she whispered. Confusion and disbelief chased across his face, like he couldn’t believe she had actually said that. Wanting to prove to him that she was sincere, needing to show him that he had her full focus she cupped his face in her hands, running her fingers lightly along his sharp jaw, forcing him to look at her, refusing to let him avoid her eyes. “I want you to give me everything, no holding back, no being careful. I want every part of you. I don’t need delicate, I don’t want half measures, I want the Demon, I want the man. I want you.”


She paused for a moment, allowing her words to sink in, letting her eyes roam up and down the length of him. There was a lot of fabulous body to take in. She reached her hand out slowly and touched his chest, laying her hand down flat just as she had done in the shower, allowing him to feel the sincerity of her statement.  She felt the hard muscle contract under her palm and allowed her fingers to skim slowly down his chest.


Now it was her turn to tease him. He must have seen the look on her face because he groaned and closed his eyes tight. She heard him mutter something in a language she had never heard before, likely a prayer for patience and self-control. He’d frozen above her, not moving, as if he were still waring with himself, caught between the desire to ravish her and the need to hold back.


She trailed her fingers down his chest, skimming the skin on his abdomen, circling his belly button with the tip of one finger, then down lower. He moaned softly, his hips thrusting towards her hand, bring his erection into sharp focus.


Willow lifted her head, looking down the length of her body to stared at it. She had seen it in the shower, had felt it pressed against her, but now, seeing it in such close quarters she could see just how long and thick it really was, just begging to be touched.  Unable to resist she wrapped her hand around the thick shaft and gave it a firm squeeze followed by a slow pump.


The effect was instantaneous, like a switch had been flipped in his mind. Gone was the gentle lover that was being so careful and in his place was the Demon she craved.


He took hold of her hand, prising her fingers from his cock and shifted away. Grabbing her hips he pulled her closer. In two swift moves her had lifted each thigh and draped her legs over his shoulders, using his bulk to spread them wider, opening her to his gaze.


She felt a little uncomfortable being so open and on display, but she had done her fair share of staring at him, fair was fair after all.


“You say you want me, but do you really know what it is you are asking for?”


Wills lifted her chin, staring back at him in defiance, noticing that his eyes had darkened further, sparkling like the blackest obsidian. “I can handle anything you can dish out. I trust you.”


He sighed, closing his eyes briefly. When they opened again she couldn’t help but see the depth of the sadness and regret there. “You shouldn’t trust me, those who do usually end up dead.”


“Are you planning to kill me?”


He shook his head.


“Then it will have nothing to do with me trusting you, would it? Things happen in life, I know that, and I may be young compared to you, but I refuse to live any longer being worried about things that might never happen. I’ve been controlled my whole life, never allowed to make my own decisions or my own mistakes. I won’t go back to that way of living. I’m making my choice now, and that choice is you. So, either get on with it, or let me go back to my cold coffee and the vibrator in my bedside drawer.”




The idea of her leaving to go to her own bed where she would take care of herself did nothing to calm his demanding Demon side. Every part of him yearned for her, it was taking all practiced control not to fist his cock and slam inside her, fucking her hard and fast until neither of them could move. She was giving him permission, practically offering herself up on a platter for his enjoyment and still he held back.


The witch was dangerous, she reminded him too much of his lost loves. He had known there was something special about her from the moment they had met, something that called to him, telling him that if he wasn’t careful, she could end up worming her way through his hard shell and into his heart. Then she would die, just like all the others, leaving him alone once more. He didn’t know if he could ever come back from losing another woman he cared about.


Willow didn’t say a word, didn’t move, didn’t look away, she just stayed there, silently watching him, waiting for him to make his mind up.


Unable to stop himself, he kissed her, licking her lips in a silent invitation.  She opened her mouth and his tongue slipped inside. He ran his hands down to cup her breast and she gasped out loud.


Releasing her mouth, leaving her gasping, he lowered his head to capture her nipple once again. He swirled his tongue around the peak and bit her gently. She obviously like that, her body shuddering beneath him. She was a wanton little thing, demanding and gutsy, not allowing him to hide from her, and he loved her for that.


Her hips jerked, bringing their lower bodies together. Wanting her to feel exactly how she affected him he ground himself against her. The movement caused the head of his cock to slip between her slick folds, bumping against her already sensitive clit. He loved the little breathy moan she gave. Emboldened he bit down a little harder and was rewarded by her legs tightening on his shoulders as she lifted her body closer, trying to get a more satisfying touch.


He lifted his hips off her like he was doing a push up and she moaned at the loss. He needed the distance or he would give in to the urge to take her right there and then. He now knew that she could take a little pain, that she liked it a little rough, but, wet as she was, she still need proper preparation before he fucked her senseless. She, however, was having none of it. She ran her hands down to his butt and dug her fingers into the hard flesh trying to pull him closer again.


“Are you determined to drive me crazy, Witch?” he growled. “I want to ravish you, I want to explore every delicious inch of flesh I can find. I want to feel you shudder against me with pleasure. I want to make you come before I bury myself deep inside you, and you’re not being good.”


She closed her eyes at the images his words conjured up in her mind, needing him even more. She squirmed against him, sliding her slick flesh against his hard cock.


“Stop that now, or I will lose hold of the tiny thread of control I still have. Then I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.”


“I fail to see the problem with that,” she shot back, lifting her head to kiss his chin.


Scowling, he pulled back. “I don’t want to hurt you. Just behave, will you?”


“You wouldn’t hurt me,” she protested, reaching for him again. He captured both her questing hands in just one of his, dragging them above her head to hold her down.


“I won’t want to, but I might not be able to help it. I haven’t been with a human in a very long time and I find that my control is not what it should be. You weaken me, Witch. My body aches for you and when I finally get inside you I won’t be able to hold back.”


“I don’t want you to hold back.”


“Then you need to be ready.”


“I am ready.”


He shook his head. “Not yet, but you will be. Besides, I plan on tasting that gorgeous pussy of yours before I claim it. Do you have a problem with that?”


Her eyes had grown wider with each word he spoke but she firmly shook her head. No, he hadn’t thought she would argue about that part of his plan. Grinning to himself he lowered his head and let his lips begin their downward journey.




He kissed his way down her body, reaching her stomach and pausing to run his tongue around her belly button. Instinctively she tensed her muscles, sucking in her stomach, hating the way that no matter how many crunches she did or diets she went on, she could never get that perfectly flat stomach that women craved.


“You’re beautiful,” he insisted, rubbing his cheek lightly against her skin, his stubble rasping against her flesh, making her shiver. “Women should be curvy and soft, they should have a soft stomach that could cradle a babe and keep it safe. You are perfect, never doubt that.” Well, didn’t that just shut her right up? She let out the breath she was holding, the air hissing out from between her teeth.


He moved down the bed and spread her legs further, settling himself between them. He kissed her thigh, loving the way she jumped and shuddered. Torturing himself as much as he was her, he ran his tongue over her skin to where he was dying to be. He reached the top of her leg and gently licked at her outer lips. She gasped again, tensing in anticipation of a more satisfying stroke, fisting the bedclothes, needing something to hold on to.


With each touch of his lips to her skin he caught an echo of her emotions, felt the tension in her muscles, the little sparks of pleasure with each touch. It was a heady combination, the knowledge that he alone had made her feel that way, that he was the one she wanted. He had never had such a connection with another lover, nor the desire to please them so thoroughly as he did her. He lowered his head to the other thigh and began to work his way up the other side just as slowly.


“Please,“ she whispered, begging him to give her some release to the tension he had built inside her.


Giving in, unable to deny them both any longer he lent forward again and licked a long line along her length, tasting her for the first time.


Damn, she was so hot and wet.  Using the fingers of one hand to spread her wider he let his tongue brush her most intimate parts. Her reaction was instant, her eyes closing, her back arching in a graceful line.


She was sweeter than he could ever have imagined, her honey coating his tongue and he knew he would never get enough of her. He could easily become addicted to her, to her taste, her moans and the way she reacted to him with such honesty. There were no tricks with the witch, no underhanded schemes, no plotting or backstabbing. She was an angel fallen to earth, and although he wasn’t deluded enough to believe that she had been sent to bring light to his dismal existence, he wasn’t stupid enough to complain about it.


Diving in like a man starved he began to lick and suck at her nub, loving the way she moaned and lifted her hips, grinding herself against his mouth. He wanted all of her, wanted to see the look in her eyes, wanted someone to look at him with something other than disgust, fear and hatred.


“Look at me, lover,” he commanded.




His voice was like nothing she had ever heard before, it stroked across her skin like a caress. The way he demanded she look at him should have pissed her off, and on any other day, at any other time it would have, but in that moment, it was the hottest thing she had ever heard. There was no way she would ever refuse him.


She opened her eyes and tried to focus on him. He was staring up at her with those ebony eyes, watching her like a predator stalking his prey. Once he was sure he had her attention he slowly licked her again and she shuddered, lost in the intensity of his gaze. He eased a finger inside her and she bit back a scream of pleasure, catching her bottom lip between her teeth. He began to work his finger in and out in time to his tongue rasping against her, touching her with such confidence and surety, like no one else had.


Eyes still locked on her he removed the finger and returned it with a buddy. He eased them in and out making her writhe on the sheets. He used his fingers to stretch her gently, moving over knots of nerves that had had very little use for so long. He licked her a little harder and sucked her clit into his mouth. She rewarded him with a gasping moan and he felt her limbs begin to shake. He knew she was close.


She felt the beginnings of an orgasm building up, he seemed to sense this and worked her a little faster. She closed her eyes and moaned again.


“No, eyes open or I stop.”


She shuddered and cracked her eyes open. He locked her gaze with his and watched her as he worked her to the height of pleasure. He nipped her delicate skin and she shook violently. She was so responsive, so honest with her reactions to his attentions. He growled his approval against her flesh, the vibration making her shudder, an interesting development indeed.


“Kiss me.”




He heard her words and even though he wanted nothing more than to taste her orgasm on his tongue, he moved closer. He allowed her to wrap her arms around his neck, not even flinching at her actions, feeling more at ease with her than with anyone else before. Her fingers burrowed into his hair as she latched on to his lips and to his surprise he found he liked the feeling. He hadn’t kissed a bed mate in so long, but he found himself swept up in the passion of her kiss.


He angled his hand to allow his palm to press against the center of her pleasure, his fingers thrusting harder and faster, his fingers finding and catching that spot inside that sent her wild.


She felt the pleasure build up like a cup about to overflow and she thrust her tongue deeper into his mouth, her hips bucking as she rode his hand. The dam broke and the pleasure washed over her in waves. He held her as she moaned into his mouth, their kiss deepening as he swallowed her sounds of pleasure, holding her tight as her body trembled, shaking with the power of her release. He kept thrusting, prolonging her pleasure, wanting the moment to last. Her inner muscles clamped around his fingers and he couldn’t help but imagine how good they would feel around his cock.


Her orgasm finally began to subside and he slowed his pace, bringing her down gently. She collapsed against the bed, her legs sliding from his shoulders, feeling limp as wet noodles. She gulped in air between frenzied kisses, her breathing so laboured she felt like she had run a marathon.


Slowly her body calmed but she continued to kiss him languidly, refusing to let him go, tasting her own juices on his lips. He kissed her slowly, seductively, and even though she had just had an earth-shattering release she felt herself growing wet again. She wanted him.




Zagan had never seen a more enchanting creature in all his days. He’d had females before, some of which he had loved with all his heart, and each had been beautiful in their own way, but this witch, she seemed to encapsulate them all. Watching her orgasm, feeling her body trembling against his was the most beautiful thing in the world. Her skin was delicately flushed, sheened with a dewy glow that lit her from within.


He could feel her, deep inside his soul, as if she were a part of him. He knew that it was down to their accidental bonding, but it felt real. It felt special, and it scared the hell out of him. He’d never known fear of this magnitude before. He was used to losing everything he loved, but he’d never had this kind of bond. Losing her would quite possibly destroy ever last small trace of his humanity that remained.


He should make her leave. It would be for the best for both of them. She was already reaching for him, rubbing herself against him like a happy cat as she snuggled into his arms. His cock was harder than it had ever been before, demanding that he close the distance between their bodies. They were so close, just a slight twist of his hips and he could slide right in. There would be no going back after that, whatever bond was between them would be sealed in the most ancient, elemental of ways. She had to go…


She sighed against his lips and he was lost, his fingers slipping from her tight sheath to fist his cock, positioning himself at her entrance.


“Are you sure?” he could be decent; he would give her one last chance to say no.


She answered by shifting her hips, bucking up to meet his hand, his cock dipping inside her warm heat. He froze, unable to believe what was happening. How could a slightly annoying but ultimately amusing Witch come barrelling into his life and turn it upside down like this? How had she gone from an inconvenience to something he needed as badly as he needed air?


Take her, his instincts screamed, she’s yours. All sense of self preservation fled as he drew his hips back and slid inside her.


Fuck. Her pussy enveloped him like a glove, fitting him perfectly. She was hot, wet and tight, a combination guaranteed to short circuit his brain.


Willow gasped, the breath hissing out between her teeth as he filled her, stretching her almost to the point of discomfort.


“Gods,” he groaned, drawing back slowly, feeling her muscles gripping his shaft. “Tight, so fucking tight.” His fingers dug into the flesh of her hips to get a better grip, holding her in place exactly where he wanted her. All she could do was nod in agreement.


He began to fuck her in earnest, pumping in and out of her in long, hard strokes that felt better than anything she could have imagined. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back against the pillows, arching her back which lifted her delicious breasts, presenting them for his pleasure. He loved the way they moved in time with his thrusts, her pert little nipples just begging for his mouth. Giving in to the urge he bent his head and gave one a hard suck, flicking his tongue against the tip. Her reaction was perfection, her body jerking in shock, her eyes flying open to stare at him.


He tried to go slow, he tried to keep control of his Demon side, but it was clamouring to get out. Her fingers gripped his arms, nails digging into his skin and as much as he hated pain in general, with her it simply spurred his Demon on. Needing to take back some control he sat back on his knees and hoisted her legs back over his shoulders, opening her to him.


Gripping her thighs tight he lifted her arse a little then plunged back inside, the new position allowing his cock to go deeper than before. The Witch yelped, her arms scrabbling for something to hold on to. Leaning forward he took her hands and guided them up over her head, wrapping her fingers around the slats in his headboard. She followed his guidance, grabbing on to the wood and giving an experimental tug.


“You good?”


The answering grin he got made him like her even more.


“Oh yeah, I’m more than good. Now, are you gonna fuck me or chat all day?”


He thrust hard, forcing a gasping moan from her throat. “Better?”


“Harder. You’re holding back, I can feel it. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.”


Z growled in frustration, she was driving him insane, but he did as she demanded. If she wanted hard, he would give her the fucking of her life that she’d never forget.


Using his grip on her legs as leverage he pushed back then slammed into her, loving the way she squeaked but pushed back anyway, lifting her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. He soon set a brutal rhythm, his hips swinging back and forth, hammering into her delicious little body. And she never once faltered, never called time, she gave as good as she got, lifting with him. He could feel her walls tightening around him, shuddering each time she clamped down on his cock as he pulled back, relaxing as he thrust forward. She was perfect, he couldn’t have dreamed up a better partner if he had tried.


‘I’m close…so…close,’ she gasped out.


Those was the words he had been waiting to hear. He could feel the pleasure building inside them both. The weight of impending release gathered at the base of his spine, his balls drawing up close to his body. He gritted his teeth, staving off his own end until she found hers. He wanted to feel her coming around his cock, feel her wetness flooding his shaft as she screamed his name.


Keeping a grip on one of her legs he dropped the other, his hand being put to better use. He brought his hand to his mouth, licking his thumb then used it to seek out her clit, attacking it mercilessly. The little nub was swollen and sensitive to his touch and she cried out the second he made contact.


“Oh…fuck…” she could barely get out a coherent word as he worked her body like it was an instrument, wringing sounds out of her that she hadn’t known she was capable of making. She had been hovering on the edge of orgasm, unable to reach that peak, but one touch of his hand and she was undone.


Her body began to shake uncontrollably as he fucked her with sure strokes, his thumb working her in tight little circles, the pressure he was putting on her clit just this side of too much. She’d never have believed she could handle such passion, but with Z she was determined to go the whole way. She forced herself to focus on him, wanting to see his big body come undone.


Feeling her gaze on him he lifted his head to meet her eyes. Wills gasped when she saw them, the black of his irises now replaced with a bright, demonic red. His lips pulled back to reveal sharp fangs, just like they had the night before. She knew what he needed and found her breath quickening at the thought, recalling just how it had felt.


She twisted her head to the side, elongating her neck in blatant offer. “Do it, I know you want to.”


Her blood called to him, he could hear it pumping through her veins, and here she was offering herself to him. No strings, no ulterior motives, just her. His body taking over, he lent closer, his nose nuzzling at her soft skin, breathing her in. Her sweet vanilla sent filled his nose as he bit down.


His fangs broke her skin and the orgasm that had been hovering just out of reach broke, crashing over her like a tidal wave. She lost her grip on the headboard and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer. She heard his hard breaths as he drank deeply at her throat, his big body slamming into her so hard the solid wood bed banged against the wall.


She felt his rhythm begin to change, the smooth strokes growing more erratic, more desperate. She felt his cock swell inside her, her muscles clamping down tight as he stilled, his body stiffening. The long moan that escaped him rumbled against her skin. She held him tighter as he found his release, loving the way he lost control, shuddering in response to her fingers stroking the length of his spine.


She didn’t know how long it lasted, the pleasure flowing between them, echoing through their bond so she wasn’t sure where she ended and he began. They were one being, one entity, bound together. And she couldn’t imagine anything better.


Groaning, he pulled back, licking his lips as her blood settled in his stomach, warming him from within. They lay there panting for a few moments, eyes closed and breath rasping. She couldn’t move but she had never felt more alive. This, this was what she had been missing her entire life, this special connection with someone that needed her as much as she needed him.


Little pleasurable aftershocks fired off inside her as he slowly began to move, gently lowering her leg. She tensed as he pulled out of her, shuddering as he moved over nerves that were still far too sensitive. He rolled carefully off her and collapsed onto his back on the bed, his chest heaving with exertion. Already she mourned the loss of his body on hers.


Her breathing wasn’t any better, her lungs fighting to drag in enough air. Her heart hammered in her chest, feeling like it was going to explode.


Slowly her body calmed, her breathing returning to normal, and with it came the uncomfortable, awkward silence. She turned her head to look at him, wanting to know what he was thinking. Her eyes met his, still red, but lighter, like it was already fading.


She wanted to cuddle up to him, to feel his arms wrap around her, to hold her close and tell her that everything would be alright. She felt exposed, laying naked in his bed, her thighs damp from their mingled release and she needed to pee in the most desperate way.


“I…” she opened her mouth to say something, anything but was cut off by the door to his room bursting open.




Zagan was up off the bed quicker than she could track, his caramel skin darkening to a deep burgundy streaked with black. Dark black wings, the feathers tipped with gold erupted from between his shoulders as his body grew larger, muscles thickening his limbs. He held out his hands and as she watched, a medieval mace materialised in his left hand, a scimitar in the right.


Wills shot upright, scrambling to her knees as she peeked around him to get a view of the doorway. A female Demon stood there, almost completely naked, a small cloth tied around her waist her only covering. Her skin was poison green, and her eyes bright red. She was bald, which allowed Willow to see the small horns that grew just above her forehead, where a hairline would usually start.


“Are you too busy to attend to the mistress, my lord?” The Demoness’ voice held a sneering tone that immediately got Willow’s back up. The Demoness looked Zagan up and down, admiring his Demon form with what looked to be a hungry look in her eyes.


“Get out,” he snarled, his voice sounding deeper than usual, the warning in it clear.


The Demoness didn’t back down, but lent around him to look at the bed. One red eyebrow raised in surprise when she saw Willow there, a sheet clutched at her chest.


“A human?” the Demoness’ nose rose to sniff the air, no doubt catching the scent of sex in the room. “And a Witch too.”


Zagan was on her in a second, his mace vanishing as his hand shot out to grip the female around the throat, slamming her bodily against the door frame, the blade of his sword pressed against her throat. “You saw nothing, do you hear me? You will never mention this to anyone, ever. The Witch is nothing of concern. Understand?”


The Demoness nodded hard, unable to drag in enough air to speak, her eyes flickering between the sword blade and Zagan’s face.


“You will leave. Tell her I will be there soon.” He dropped his hand, the Demoness sagging against the wall for a second before she righted herself and took off down the hall.


“She was pleasant,” Wills commented, trying to lighten the mood. Zagan turned to face her, his demonic face harsher than usual, the bones sticking out sharply, making ridges in the skin. He looked terrifying, but she didn’t flinch.


“You have to go. Now.”


Wills frowned at his tone, which held not a trace of warmth. They had just had amazing sex and now he was just going to dismiss her like she was a bothersome waitress that kept popping up when he had just taken a bite, asking if his food was to his liking. She understood that he had something to do, but there was no need of such rudeness. Pissed off now she slid to the edge of the bed and got to her feet, dragging the sheet with her to wrap around her like a toga.


“That’s it, just go? No, ‘can I have your number, let’s go out for a drink’? What was that, just a fuck for you?”


Zagan looked at his Witch, for that was what she was. The second he had given up his control and taken her blood while he thrust into her body, he had claimed her. She looked beautiful standing there with nothing but his sheet to cover her delicious body. Her hair had started to dry, hanging in wild tangles around her shoulders where she had thrashed around on the bed. Her skin was flushed, her lips swollen and the mark of his fangs was clearly visible on the pale skin of her throat. Nothing had ever looked better to him. Her firey temper flashed in her eyes, full of righteous indignation at his dismissal. He couldn’t blame her, he knew he was being an arsehole, but he had no choice.


Janelle, the Demoness who had interrupted them was Ereshkigal’s handmaiden. He knew that, even after his warning, she would have gone running straight to her mistress to tell her what she had seen.


He didn’t care what happened to him, but he had to get the Witch out of there. He would never forgive himself if anything happened to her because of him. He knew how this would play out, the same as it always did. He would allow someone into his heart, and Ere would take them away. He couldn’t stand the thought of it happening to her. He’d rather hurt her emotionally than have her hurt physically by someone else. At least then she would be whole and alive. He’d do it for her.


“We’re done here,” he fought to keep his tone even, to keep every hint of emotion out of his voice, to stop it showing on his face. She needed to think that he couldn’t care less, no matter how hard it was.


Forcing his legs to move he strode out of the door, uncaring that he was naked, slamming it behind him. He locked it with his powers, giving her no way to follow him. She wouldn’t have a choice but to go home, where she would be safe.




Willow couldn’t believe he had treated her like that. Her body still hummed with his touch, feeling like he had branded her with his essence. She stood as still as a statue, unsure of how long had passed since he had left. Finally, she moved, shaking off the shock of his departure.


Bundling up the sheet she tossed it on the bed, glaring at the spot where they had just rolled around, as close as two beings could ever be. She thought they had a connection, something unique and special. And he had just thrown that away.


“You fucking arsehole!” she screamed out loud, breaking her silent shock in a big way. She needed to get away, not wanting to be anywhere near the place. Pulling herself together she closed her eyes and pictured her house in her mind. Nothing happened. She opened her eyes, seeing the same stone walls as before. Wanker! She took a deep breath, calmed herself as best she could and tried again, holding the picture firmly in her mind. It took a few seconds, but eventually she felt her body begin to tingle, the floor falling away from her feet as she molecules scattered, winging their way back to her realm. Alone.

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