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NAME: Adal


D.O.B: Unknown


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: A brilliant violet.

Hair: Golden perfection

Height: 6ft

Physique: Slender but defined, like a dancer. His skin is pale perfection.

Style: Adal is a Fae Nobleman and the Fae Elder on the Council. He spends most of his time in his own realm so has never really adopted the fashions of the human realm. He prefers a mix of medieval dress crossed with natural fibres and colours.




CURRENT LOCATION: When in this realm he resides in Scotland




FAMILY: He has many siblings and relations, but the fae believe that they are all related in some way, counting themselves all as family, although blood ties are strongest.


CHILDHOOD: Much as many Fae experience. In the fae world there is very rarely any conflict or nastiness and he had an idyllic childhood with his parents and siblings. Time moves differently in that realm so their childhood could last for over a century in the mortal realm.


EDUCATION: Nothing formal but he learnt all a fae should, like the seasons and rhythms of nature, their customs and beliefs, their language and way of life. He only learnt mortal languages when he began to visit.




PERSONALITY: Adal is a very cheerful being, preferring to laugh than cry. He hates ugliness of any kind, including anger, pain and death. In the fae realm they do not die as mortal realm beings do, when it is their time to leave they simply fade into the ground and a tree grows in their place, their spirit staying behind with their loved ones.


SPECIAL SKILLS: As with most fae he has an affinity with nature.


STRENGTHS: All fae are stronger than other supernatural beings except maybe Gods.


WEAKNESSES: The fae are allergic to Iron.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “As long as there is life, there is hope.”

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