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D.O.B: January 1st 1389


D.O.T: January 1st 1368



Eyes: Chocolate brown with a beautiful catlike quality

Hair: Black and straight, hanging down to the middle of her back.

Height: 5 ft

Physique: Slender verging on too slim

Style: Vanessa sports an elegant style all of her own, mostly wearing westernised version of clothing that honours her East Asian heritage. She is proud of her homeland and culture even though she has adopted a western name.


MARITAL STATUS:  Mated to Kenji Saito, Dragon Shifter Elder on the Council.




CURRENT OCCUPATION: Area Representative for the Immortal Council.


FAMILY: Vanessa was orphaned at a young age and knows nothing about her family.


CHILDHOOD: Vanessa was taken in by a wealthy family and raised by the servants of the house until she was old enough to work herself, doing small jobs from the age of three, like fetching a carrying. She spent most of her infant days in a small room just off the kitchen, where she had to amuse herself for most of the day. She learnt from a young age that no one came when she cried, when she was lonely or hungry, she must simply wait. She learnt never to rely on anyone but herself then. When she was 13 she ran way, not wanting to be sold and trained as a concubine. She was turned when she was 21.

EDUCATION: None. She is self taught in most things, though she learnt basic letters and maths from fellow maids while in her first home.




PERSONALITY: Vanessa is known as a bit of an ice queen, nothing fazes her. It takes a lot to get her to let down her guard and show the real side of her. Her years of life have taught her to pretend indifference, speak little and listen much, because of this she is almost always the center of attention when she decides to speak.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Vanessa has the gift of storytelling. She can weave a story that anyone will believe. Not quite the same as the mind control that some Vampires have, that normally only works on one person at a time when they concentrate, Vanessa has the ability to tell a story that everyone will believe no matter what it is, her vampire powers giving her voice a push that no one can ignore. She can’t wipe out memories like some but she can give an explanation that is always believed, meaning that she can effectively control a crowd of people at once.


STRENGTHS: She is always calm and controlled in any situation, making her a useful addition to almost any task force. Trained in numerous martial arts and self defence, she is often underestimated by those the Council seek and detain, making her a capable Council agent on all jobs.


WEAKNESSES: Her only weakness is her Soul Mate, whom she would do anything for.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “To talk much and arrive nowhere is the same as climbing a tree to catch a fish” Chinese proverb.

FIND ME IN: See You On The Other Side

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