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D.O.B: March 23rd 1678


D.O.T: June 6th 1700



Eyes: The dark colour of bitter chocolate, deep and unemotional.

Hair:  A rich chestnut colour that she often wears wound up in an intricate knot at the back of her neck.

Height: 5ft 4

Physique: Curvy in a perfect hour-glass, not too full hips with a slender waist and a chest just a little too generous for her dress to contain.

Style: Liliya seems to favour the style of a classy red carpet event, often seen in either an evening dress or, when at home, silk pyjamas. Liliya never entertains at her homes, preferring to go out and dominate an event.




CURRENT LOCATION: Liliya prefers to keep a home in various cities around the world, travelling between them as and when the mood takes her. She has homes in her native Russia, France, Italy and America.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Liliya does not work, she sees that as something only common people do. She has spent her life relying on people to look after her or spending inherited family money.

FAMILY: The only child of a Russian nobleman and his second wife.


CHILDHOOD: Liliya spent an idyllic childhood being waited on hand and foot, never being told no, which led to her becoming rather spoiled and obnoxious. She never learned to fend for herself, used to everyone taking care of her, doing everything for her.

EDUCATION: She had a basic education from her governesses but found that if something didn’t interest her she rarely paid it much attention.


QUALIFICATIONS: She has no need of them.


PERSONALITY: Spoiled brat syndrome could have been modelled on her. All her life she has relied on people to give her what she wants when she wants and she is not beyond pouting, crying and scheming to get her own way.

SPECIAL SKILLS: She never developed any special Vampire skills, instead she relies on her natural charms and seduction techniques to get what she wants.

STRENGTHS: Self belief. She has a very high opinion of herself and believes that everyone else has the same.

WEAKNESSES: Her inability to cope with new or difficult situations, nor to fend for herself.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.- Marilyn Monroe“

FIND ME IN : See You On The Other Side.

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