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Paranormal romance author Willow Salix

This is the page for Willow Salix, Writer and Witch. She lives near London in the South East of England. She has been working on her novel series for many years now, and after receiving a number of offers to publish has instead decided to begin on the journey that is self-publishing. She primarily writes Paranormal Romance, her background as a Pagan with over 20 year’s experience gives her the insight and knowledge to write real aspects of witchcraft and spells into her stories. As well as this she has an extensive knowledge of magical creatures and mythology.


Her favourite books as a child (and still one of her favourite author’s) were written by Dennis Wheatley, after being introduced to his work by her grandfather. There began a love of all things supernatural, good versus evil and a good old romance.


She has always written, telling little stories as a child and then as an adult. She is an avid reader and lover of the written word. Her world is magical and colourful, filled with delicious, head strong alpha males and spunky females that take no crap, kicking arse as they fall headlong in love. Who wouldn’t want to have their head filled with that?


She is married with one child who is a teen and makes her feel old on a daily basis. She spends her days reading ,writing, working and with family life and her pets. She runs a Pagan pub meeting and organises group rituals for the Pagan holidays and is a regular helper at her local spiritualist church.

She has a great love of all things Gerry Anderson, having done so from a young age and likes to indulge that love with regular viewings, the buying of merch and by playing in their sandbox in the form of fan fiction, which she writes for fun.


She writes as Willow Salix for her Paranormal Romance, and Willow DragonCat  for her fanfic stories on Ao3 , and Tumblr.


She is very friendly and loves to meet and talk to new people, you can find her hanging out most often on her Tumblr page where she will post regularly, chat rubbish and generally procrastinate and avoid working on the things she should be doing. So don’t be afraid to send a message or ask any questions, let her know what you think of her stories and above all, enjoy.

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