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NAME: Leonardo Lomidze


D.O.B:  10th May 1690


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Leo has green with golden flecks

Hair:  Leo has wavy hair the colour of spun gold streaked through with coppers and bronze that flows around his shoulders like the mane.

Height:  Leo is 6ft 3

Physique: Leo is muscular and tanned with side shoulders and strong forearms.

Style: Leo keeps things casual with jeans and soft shirts although he never does them up fully, hating his neck to be constricted.


MARITAL STATUS:  Leo is widowed.


CURRENT LOCATION: Glastonbury, England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Leo teaches martial arts and is the Lion Elder.


FAMILY: Leo is the alpha of his pride, inherited along with his position on the council, from his father. Nicasia is his younger, unmated sister. They have another sister too.


CHILDHOOD: Leo had a pretty nice childhood surrounded by his pride and family.


EDUCATION: Home schooled


QUALIFICATIONS: Leo is skilled in many forms of martial.


PERSONALITY: Leo is quite laid back, but very protective and will do anything he can to protect his pride. He has always been a big believer in following the traditions and rules that his elders had set out. He likes the modern world for the business it brings him, but he doesn’t really participate in it, preferring to live on his retreat where he teaches.


SPECIAL SKILLS: He is an exceptional fighter and strategist.


STRENGTHS: Leo is very logical and thinks things through before he does them, preferring to have all the facts.


WEAKNESSES: Since he lost his mate he can be a little closed off and refuses to seriously date anyone.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “A lion is called a “king of beasts” obviously for a reason.”


FIND US IN: Not Strong Enough

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