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D.O.B: 13th November 1652  D.O.T: Unknown    


Eyes: A very clear blue that seems to shift shade from a dark, almost navy, to that of a clear summer sky, topped with expressive, sandy eyebrows.

Hair: Dark Blonde with a threads of golden highlights, that falls with a slight wave, to just past his shoulders.

Height: Around 6ft even.

Physique: Muscular, but not overly large.

Style: His style is all his own, a combination of his old world clothing from his pirate days, with a modern twist. He would team an elegant poets shirt, with skin tight leather jeans, tucked in to knee high boots. He likes to keep his hair back from his face with a range of colourful bandanas.


MARITAL STATUS: After years of being a bachelor, a self confessed ladies man, the love them and leave them type, he is now happily Bonded to Sapphire Summerland. 


CURRENT LOCATION: Travels between Edinburgh and London, having a house in each city.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Bartender and interim bar manager when needed. He prefers not to work too hard if he can help it.


FAMILY: His mother and two younger sisters died during an outbreak of plague when he was young, his father dying just over a year later, leaving him an orphan at age 12.


CHILDHOOD: Hard, family was very poor, and he was fending for himself before he was fully grown.


EDUCATION: None. He learnt to read during his time as a cabin boy, the first mate having taken a liking to him. Everything else is self-taught, he learnt geography from travelling, history from books and living through it, science and the like from documentaries and books. He has a love of reading and a bit of a thirst for knowledge even though he comes across as an irrelevant joker.


QUALIFICATIONS: None, University of Life.


PERSONALITY: Avery is a friend to everyone, unless they cross him or someone he holds dear. He is flamboyant and the definition of extrovert, loving being the centre of attention. He’s the biggest flirt known to mankind, male or female, no one is safe.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Good with a sword and can mix just about any cocktail invented and a few of his own. He is emphatic, his vampirism letting him feel the emotions of those around him and he has a need to make people feel better. He always knows the right thing to say or do to accomplish that. He has the usual physical perks, but isn’t one to use them, preferring to take a back seat unless necessary.


STRENGTHS: His ability to charm his way out of almost any situation and to get along with anyone.


WEAKNESSES: He sees the good in everyone, finding it hard to say no, something that often leads him to trouble.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “I have something to say. It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.”

FIND ME IN: Two Minutes To Midnight, Only Women Bleed, See You On The Other Side and Not Strong Enough.

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