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NAME: Nicasia Lomidze


D.O.B: 1st June 1713





Eyes: Amber eyes.

Hair: Nicasia has golden blonde hair that is thick and curly.

Height: 5ft 8

Physique: Small and athletic, like a gymnast.

Style: Nicasia tends towards the hippy style.





CURRENT LOCATION: Glastonbury, England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Nicasia, Leonardo’s sister, runs the retreat they live on. She is also the female Elder for the Lion’s on the Immortal Council.


FAMILY: Leo is the alpha of his pride, inherited along with his position on the council, from his father. Nicasia is his younger sister.


CHILDHOOD: Nicasia was doted on by her parents, older brother Leo and older sister.


EDUCATION: Home Schooled


QUALIFICATIONS: Nicasia is skilled in herbology and hospitality.



PERSONALITY: Nicasia is a little more highly strung than her brother, preferring to embrace modern technology and enjoying the things that it offers. She is a particular fan of the TV show ‘ Friends’.



SPECIAL SKILLS: She is amazing at organising people and events.



STRENGTHS: Nicasia is more in touch with technology than Leo, running their website.



WEAKNESSES: Nicasia is a little impulsive and headstrong, she can be a little over dramatic.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Never grab a Lion by the tail.”


FIND ME IN: Not Strong Enough.

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