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D.O.B:  15th March 1721                  


D.O.T: 6th April 1750


Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Light brown, worn swept back in a ponytail that comes down to the center of his shoulders.

Height: 6ft 1

Physique: Brawny, thick in the arms, shoulders, chest and legs but with a trim waist.

Style: Alec likes to dress in his native style as much as possible, preferring a kilt and tartan over jeans. He says that he’s never got used to the tightness of them and the rough feel of the denim on his ball, because of course he refuses to wear underwear. He hated the time after the fall of the clans when the wearing of clan tartans was banned and everyone wore breeches, and refuses to wear them again now. He usually teams his kilt with a t-shirt, normally sporting some kind of sarcastic, funny or vaguely obscene slogan on them, but has a number of dress shirts for more formal occasions.




CURRENT LOCATION: London though he keeps a home in Inverness


CURRENT OCCUPATION: : Occasional bar tender and part time musician at Carpe Noctem, though he only works to avoid boredom.


FAMILY: : His father was the younger brother of a Laird and as close as could be. His mother didn’t survive childbirth so he was raised by a series of wet nurses, maids and tutors that served the Laird and his children. Alec was included as one of the family and saw his cousins as siblings. He was close to his uncle and aunt and treated as well as their own.


CHILDHOOD: Alec had a happy childhood, being well treated and benefiting from all the same luxuries and advantages as his cousins.


EDUCATION: : He learnt to read and write in both English, Gaelic and Latin, had a good grasp of numbers, an appreciation for history and a gift for music.


QUALIFICATIONS: No formal education or qualifications.


PERSONALITY: Alec is easy going and friendly by nature but has a wicked temper when provoked. He likes a joke and is a horrendous flirt, known for turning on the charm at the drop of a hat. He’s purposely kept his deep, broad scots accent because the ladies love it.


SPECIAL SKILLS: His vampirism simply enhanced his natural talents at music. He had the ability to listen to any tune and be able to play it on almost any instrument. He finds learning a new instrument to be very simple and likes to learn as much as possible. When he plays his music has the ability to influence a person’s mood, not just a human, but fellow supernaturals too. When he does a set at Carpe Noctem he can influence the entire crowd with his song choices, from happy to sultry.


STRENGTHS: His musical ability but also his skill with a sword, learnt during his time in the highlands.


WEAKNESSES: His temper can be a little explosive and he has an impulsiveness and sense of righteousness that sometimes gets him into trouble.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “You may as well keep your breath to cool your porridge -Scottish saying”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed

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