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NAME: Alaric Helm


D.O.B: 15th September 1534


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Medium brown, kept short, always neatly trimmed, parted to the side.

Height: 6ft

Physique: Muscular from hard work. He has a farmer’s body.

Style: Alaric hasn’t advanced his style since the 1890’s, he likes a nice smart suit and tie, sometimes even a hat. If he’s at home on his farm, he still wears trousers, braces and a shirt, just of a lower quality. He has only ever worn a T-shirt once and likely never will again. He hates jeans.




CURRENT LOCATION: Oxfordshire, England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Farmer and writer


FAMILY: Alaric has no family left, he has never been part of a clan, his father being exiled because he mated with a human, Alaric’s mother. His mother inherited a farm as a dowry from her father and now Alaric owns it.


CHILDHOOD: Alaric had a pleasant childhood, enjoying life on the farm. He travelled in his later years and saw a lot of the world, but always enjoys returning home back to his lands.


EDUCATION: He was home schooled at first but has a bit of a thirst for knowledge and has attended a number of universities to study the things that interest him.


QUALIFICATIONS: Degrees in horticulture, farming, animal husbandry, large animal care, veterinarian courses and then to indulge his academic side, classic literature and music.


PERSONALITY: Alaric is very much your classic English gentleman. He is rather reserved at first meeting but has a hidden wicked sense of humour that very few people see, though he is learning to lighten up thanks to his mate, Cara. Alaric is very set in his ways, enjoying routine and home comforts. He enjoys classical music and good books.


SPECIAL SKILLS: He is very skilled in almost everything to do with animals, and so is invaluable if there is an injured Shifter in animals form.


STRENGTHS: Alaric has very strong morals that make him a trustworthy friend.


WEAKNESSES: Alaric can come across as standoffish and unapproachable, but honestly he quite likes that.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Animals are easy to understand, pure in their affections and simple in their desires. That’s why I prefer them.”

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