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NAME:  Jennifer Bishop


D.O.B: 6th August 1984


D.O.T:  N/A



Eyes: Conker brown, which lighten to a warm chocolate when she’s happy.

Hair: Chestnut brown. It used to be cut into a smart bob, which she often wears pinned up away from her face, but she has since let it grow out and curls it because her Mate likes it that way.

Height: 5ft 5

Physique: Curvy size 12, kept trim by evenings spent at the gym.

Style: Boring would sound mean if it wasn’t so true. She was never seen out of her tailored suits or active wear, in fact, she didn’t even own any casual clothes until after she mated Dane. Now she’s branched out into the odd pair of jeans and a casual top, but most day’s she’s still more comfortable in her office wear.


MARITAL STATUS:  Mated to Dane Lovell




CURRENT OCCUPATION:  Regional Manager and Donor coordinator for the Guild.

FAMILY: She has no blood family that she speaks to, her parents both being dead and her sister a drunk party girl that took off years ago and never made contact after the first two years of begging for money from their inheritance. Now she has lots of extended family from mating Dane.


CHILDHOOD: Pretty average until her parents passed in car accident when she was 16 and her sister 19. Jennifer coped by knuckling down to her studies and keeping the house running for her sister and legal guardian, who coped by going out drinking every night and sleeping away the day.

EDUCATION: She did well in her GCSE exams and did her best with her A-levels but soon found it hard to concentrate due to the problems at home. Once her sister left , the second Jennifer turned 18, she found it easier to study and make progress . She went to college to do Business studies and found a love for organising and taking charge.


QUALIFICATIONS: A degree in Business and management.


PERSONALITY: Rather uptight with a tendency towards hiding in her comfort zone. She loves to organise everything from rotas and people, to her mate and his family. Dane has been teaching her to lighten up and have fun, something she never allowed herself to do before. Her control was her armour and she hasn’t found it easy to unbend but she’s trying.

SPECIAL SKILLS: She has no special skills unless you count the ability to organise everything and manage even the most unruly of people, something she has undertaken to do with Dane’s pack.


STRENGTHS: Her incredible focus. Once she sets her mind to something she cannot be swayed and will see it through to the end.


WEAKNESSES: Being so bloody-minded can be hard at times, meaning that she’s so focused she often forgets to eat or any plans she had made with people.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ The secret to winning is constant, consistent management – Tom Landry”


Find me in : Two Minutes to Midnight and my own short story, Fated Mates.

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