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NAME: Alannah Roul


D.O.B: 3rd June 1850





Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde and curly

Height: 5ft 3

Physique: Slender, verging on skinny.

Style: Alannah is a classic English beauty, with a peaches and cream complexion that she shows off with a very upper-class garden party style of dressing, delicate and girly. She likes floaty dresses and delicate gold jewellery.




CURRENT LOCATION: Randale Village.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: None, she was never allowed to work.


FAMILY: She comes from good breeding stock, the eldest daughter of a clan chief. Her younger sister is her best friend.


CHILDHOOD: She had a very sheltered childhood with her sister, they were never allowed to play with other cubs in case they got hurt, so it was a rather lonely, boring existence, but that just made them closer.


EDUCATION: Home schooled.




PERSONALITY: Alannah is very quiet and polite, preferring to sit and read over watching television or going out socialising. Big crowds make her nervous.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She would say she doesn’t have any.


STRENGTHS: Alannah doesn’t believe she has any strengths.


WEAKNESSES: She doesn’t stand up for herself, nor ever speak up to voice an opinion.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Crying is cleansing. There’s a reason for tears. Happiness or sadness.”


FIND ME IN: Not Strong Enough.

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