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NAME: He has been known by many names over the years but generally goes by Zagan or Z.


D.O.B: Unknown but Willow chooses to celebrate it in the 21st of June.





Eyes: Pale grey, almost silver but they can change depending on the power he is channelling or the emotions he is feeling.

Hair: Very dark brown, almost black.

Height: 6ft 8

Physique: Broad shoulders, muscular and defined but not bulky.

Style: He favours a casual style of heavy metal shirts, jeans, boots and a leather jacket.

Distinguishing features: Zagan has an ever changing array of tattoos that cover his skin, there is a reason for this but he doesn’t like to talk about it. Being of demonic origin (with interesting genetics thrown in) he is able to alter his appearance whenever he wishes, so often changes his hair, beard or clothing, though he knows Willow prefers his hair longer so allows it to grow for her.


MARITAL STATUS: In a very complicated on/off relationship with Willow.


CURRENT LOCATION: Hell or wherever Willow is.




FAMILY: Complicated


CHILDHOOD: Not great


EDUCATION: School of life.


QUALIFICATIONS: No formal qualifications.


PERSONALITY: Zagan is an arsehole, plain and simple. He is the demons boogie man, their worst nightmare. As King of Hell he controls many legions of Demons and they are all terrified of him. He has very few that he counts as friends. Short tempered and inclined to keep to himself whenever possible, Zagan is a loner that prefers his solitude. He has a wicked sense of humour when he allows it to show, usually when Willow is around to force him into things.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Turns wine into water and water into wine. He has an affinity with blood, being able to turn it into wine or oil, or oil into blood. He is said to be able to turn a fool into a wise man and any metal into coin.


STRENGTHS: Extremely powerful, Zagan keeps himself to himself, trusting very few.


WEAKNESSES: Zagan has limitations that he hates but has no control over.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ We all die eventually , but keep pissing me off and today might be your last.”

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