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NAME: Dakarai Odhiambo


D.O.B: 2nd January 321 AD


D.O.T: 9th September 346 AD



Eyes: Dark brown, almost black

Hair: Black and shorn very short across his entire head.

Height: 6ft 2

Physique: Bulky, muscular across the shoulders, with large arms and hands, strong thighs and a narrow waist. He doesn’t carry an inch of spare fat on his body, due to all the manual labour he did as a mortal.

Style: Dakarai is of African descent, his beautiful ebony skin set off to perfection with his choice of clothing. He prefers black trousers or jeans, teamed up with a black jacket, the only splash of colour being the shirts he wears, which are usually solid, jewel tones.


MARITAL STATUS: It is believed he is mated, but no one knows who to.


CURRENT LOCATION: When he is working with the council he will stay in London, but his home is unknown.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Unknown. Vampire Ancient for the Council.


FAMILY: He, like almost every Vampire, has no living family.


CHILDHOOD: He had a happy childhood, even though he worked hard with his family. He was the eldest child of 3, two boys and a younger sister.


EDUCATION: Nothing formal.




PERSONALITY: Unlike most older Vampires, Dakarai has managed to keep his connection to humanity, finding mortals to be interesting. He has a warm demeanour that draws people to him. He has a deep, booming voice that always holds a hint of a laugh in its tone.




STRENGTHS: His ability to get on with anyone means that he is always accepted in any situation.


WEAKNESSES: He tends to believe the good in everyone.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “You have little power over what’s not yours.”


FIND ME IN: Not Strong Enough.

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