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D.O.B: 15th of August 1972  



Eyes: Brown

Hair: Chestnut brown hair that she wears shoulder length in a sleek bob.

Height: 5ft 3

Physique: Slim , with a very upright stance. She has a dancers body and holds herself that way too.

Style: She favours a slightly old fashioned, elegant look. Liking skirts, blouses and even the odd cardigan.






CURRENT OCCUPATION: Reginal coordinator for the Donors Guild.


FAMILY: Elderly parents that live in York. She sees them very rarely, usually just holidays and the odd birthday.


CHILDHOOD: Her childhood was rather lonely in regards to her family. She is an only child and her parents travelled a lot, her father for work and her mother because she could not bear to be parted from him.  They had always been very much in love and still are, not needing anyone else, causing Angelica to feel like a bit of an interloper. As soon as she was old enough, they enrolled her in a boarding school, employing a housekeeper to keep their home running and act as a nanny for when Angelica was home from school. She rarely saw them and when her father retired, they moved away with little hesitation.


EDUCATION: She attended a very expensive, exclusive boarding school where she excelled in her studies , leaving at aged 18 with top marks. She then attended university to study law but found that she really had no interest in being a solicitor.


QUALIFICATIONS: She has degrees in property law, probate and succession laws and financial planning. All of this comes in handy when helping otherworldly beings and she did a stint at the council before taking on a position within the Guild.


PERSONALITY: Calm and collected, she is rarely ruled by her emotions, though she is very kind and caring to her Donors.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She knows almost everything about the laws that vampires need to manipulate to continue collecting property, money and stocks, and she is very helpful when it comes to any paperwork that is needed.


STRENGTHS: Her calm disposition and understanding nature.


WEAKNESSES: She sometimes buries herself in her work, cutting herself off from the few friends she has.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Friends are the family you choose.”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed and See You On The Other Side

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