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D.O.B: 8th February 1970



Eyes:  Brown eyes with little crinkle lines at the edges.

Hair: Dark with threads of grey in it. He refuses to dye it, thinking it makes him look distinguished, a total silver fox.

Height: 5 ft 8’’

Physique: Starting to run to fat after too many years of boozy lunches and company dinners before he started working for the Donors Guild, Shifter Division.

Style:  Looks and attitude of a late 80’s Yuppie. He likes a power suit and tie no matter where he is. He had a no-nonsense tone of voice that is both commanding and condescending in equal parts.






CURRENT OCCUPATION: Regional Coordination for the Donors Guild’s Shifter Division. Some Shifters liked to Donate now and then, them being a particular delicacy for the Vampires, their blood acting as a kind of stimulant, almost like an energy drink, due to a Shifters high metabolism and supernatural blood.


FAMILY: He married his college girlfriend, they have two teenage children, both girls who are firmly in the teen years in terms of attitude and spending habits. Both parents are now deceased.


CHILDHOOD:Roger had a pleasant childhood in Cambridge with his parents. An only child who parents had him later on in life, he was thoroughly spoiled but also pretty much ignored in favour of his parents work, charity and social commitments. His father was a banker and his mother a housewife who spend most of her days delegating to her cleaning staff and serving on the boards of many local charities.


EDUCATION: Roger attending a private schools for most of his childhood, his teenage years being spent at boarding school which he never really minded as that way he wouldn’t have to beg for his parents attention and could devote his time to studying. Once he had left school after doing his A-levels he went on to university where he followed in his father’s footsteps and studied finance.


QUALIFICATIONS: Majored in Finance


PERSONALITY: Roger has the typical public schoolboy attitude of the world owing him a living, mostly due to his parents giving in to his every demand for money, gifts, clothes and transport. He’s not a very hands on dad, preferring to leave that up to his ex-wife, having not had that kind of interaction from his own parents, though he does sometimes wish he was closer to his daughters. Roger hates being told no, and will do anything to get his own way. He’s charming in his own way, a bit of a flatterer that is not above using his looks to get ahead.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Although he majored in finance and is very good at both making a keeping money, he’s special skills seem to involve people management and organisation. He first learnt about the hidden world from a client, a vampire who had requested a late night meeting and come to it rather hungry. Roger, with his high handed attitude and commanding tone pissed the vampire off so much that he had attempted to control his mind and get his own way. Unable to do so- probably due to Roger’s enormous sense of entitlement and self belief ( he doesn’t just think he’s always right, he knows it)- the vampire had lost his cool and bitten him, just to shut him up. This had the opposite effect, rather than being scared, Roger was fascinated and instead of being silenced by the Guild, he was recruited.


STRENGTHS: Not taking no for an answer. Making people do whatever he wants. Is unable to be mind controlled. He can also turn on the charm whenever he feels like it.


WEAKNESSES: Roger has a habit of getting peoples backs up almost from first meeting, with his tendency to talk down to everyone.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “It’s how you deal with failure that’s determines how you achieve success – David Feherty”

FIND ME IN: See You On The Other Side

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