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D.O.B: 8th September 1990


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Light brown with hints of green.

Hair: Short and blonde which she often wears spiked up when out.

Height: 5 ft 6

Physique: A beautifully buxom size 16-18, she is proud of both her boobs and her butt, which she likes to show off to their best advantage in tight clothes and low cut tops. When she was younger she had tried to lose weight but not being one to enjoy starving herself, she had given up and embraced her curves to the fullest.

Style: While she often wears clothes of a more gothic nature for her donation nights, favouring short skirts or leggings and tight tops, she is actually more comfortable in jeans and a casual t-shirt, especially when she is at her day job at the local cinema.


MARITAL STATUS: Single, she was engaged once but it didn’t work out.




CURRENT OCCUPATION: Cinema Usher and Donor.

FAMILY: Her mother and father are still alive, and she has three brothers, all of which still pick on her whenever they see her.


CHILDHOOD: Cassie was what is known as a tomboy, growing up with three boisterous brothers who saw no reasons to treat her any differently just because she was a girl. They took her everywhere with them, riding bikes through the park, playing football and jumping into the river. Her parents, especially her mother, simply gave up on the idea of a pretty princess daughter and let her get on with it.

EDUCATION: She completed her basic schooling with average grades and then went on to study media at college. She had taken the job at the cinema as a kind of work experience, wanting to do anything related to films but had ended up staying , mostly through lack of motivation to do much else.




PERSONALITY: Cassie is a no nonsense woman that tells it like it is. She swears, she drinks and she sees no reason why men can get away with certain things and women can’t, so she simply does them all. She’s spent her whole life from her teenage years trying to be more girly and sweet tempered but it never sticks. Cassie is fun in attitude and personality, preferring to enjoy herself and live life to the fullest rather than regret things.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She can down a pint faster than all her brothers and most of the men in her local.


STRENGTHS: Her self confidence. She knows that she doesn’t have the type of body shape that most women would want, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She had learnt to ignore those that make nasty comments while dressed in her gothic finery. She always speaks her mind and has a gift for getting things done, with a single minded determination to prove herself.


WEAKNESSES: Her stubborn mindset almost always gets her into trouble when she digs her heels in. She’s not one to back down from either a challenge or a fight.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ I woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman – Melinda Gates “

FIND ME IN: See You On The Other Side and my short story, Play Ball!

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