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NAME: Rhydian


D.O.B: Unknown


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Rich brown that flash red when he’s feeding or using his powers to incite sin and debauchery.

Hair: Black, slicked back from his forehead with gel, making it look shiny and almost wet.

Height: 6ft 2

Physique: Muscular and defined but not huge.

Style: He has fully embraced the 1920’s aesthetic of the casino, wearing smart striped three-piece suits and black and white wingtip shoes.






CURRENT OCCUPATION: Croupier at the Black Hand Casino.


FAMILY: Unknown


CHILDHOOD: Grew up in the Demon realm. Demon parents rarely care for their children so he had been left to grow up on his own.


EDUCATION: Nothing formal.


QUALIFICATIONS: University of life.


PERSONALITY: Flirtatious and smooth, he oozes confidence, unafraid of saying or doing just about anything he chooses. He knows what he wants and he goes for it.  


SPECIAL SKILLS: He is a Sin Demon, this means that he can encourage people to sin by tapping into their hidden desires, hidden weaknesses or addictions and push them to indulge. But he can also feed from sin that he hasn’t induces, which is why he works in Vegas, the city of sin, where his food sources are many and varied. He says that sin performed willingly is the tastiest of all.


STRENGTHS: His confidence and his sin eating powers.


WEAKNESSES: He would say that he doesn’t have any, but others would say his greed for sin can make him a little reckless.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: Don’t judge others because they sin differently that you.

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