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D.O.B: 1546    D.O.T: 1567                                  



Eyes:  Dark brown with flecks of gold.

Hair: Dark brown almost black hair, hanging down just past his shoulders, normally tied back with a leather thong.

Height: 6ft 3

Eyes:  Dark brown with flecks of gold.

Physique: Strong but not overly muscled. His muscles are clearly defined but not huge.

Style: Favours crisp shirts and slacks while at work (which is most days) yet is also comfortable in casual jeans and a T-shirt.


MARITAL STATUS: Was married to Alcina before he was turned. They had two children 5-year-old Thomas and 3-year-old Mary. He is now Bonded to Topaz Thompson.


CURRENT HOME: Lives in an apartment above the club that he owns, Night Walkers, in Edinburgh.




FAMILY: Father died young when he was only 4. He and his younger brother were cared for by their older sister, while their mother worked as a maid at the big house in town. His mother died when he was 15.

Older sister Brianna and younger brother Daniel.


CHILDHOOD: Hard, his mother worked and when he was 9 years old he was put to work helping the local farmer, needing to help bring money in to the household.


EDUCATION: None, he learnt to read after he was turned. He learnt about life by living it.




RELATIONSHIPS: He has had many women over the years but none have every been a quality, loving relationship. He has dated humans and vampires alike.


PERSONALITY: Kind and caring to those who deserve it, yet he isn’t one to take any crap. He is strong willed and can be seen as bossy. Very brave and a skilled fighter. He is very smart and knows a lot about almost everything.


SPECIAL SKILLS: The ability to control and read weak minded mortals. Ones that are vain or stupid (not uneducated, but more those that do not think before they act) or mean spirited etc. He has the vampire strength and increased speed, stamina and healing that is common with all supernatural beings.


STRENGTHS: Calm under pressure, a hard worker and a fair boss.


WEAKNESS: Doesn’t like to give up control or ask for help.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “What you see depends on how you view the world. To most people, this is just dirt. To a farmer, it’s potential.”

FIND ME IN: Two Minutes To Midnight and Not Strong Enough.

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