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D.O.B: 4th February 1694


D.O.T: 5th May 1730



Eyes: Light Blue

Hair: Very dark brown, almost black, worn just to his shoulders, often tied back with a ribbon or lace.

Height: 6ft 2

Physique: Muscular, wide through the shoulders and arms from years of working in a forge.

Style: Grigory prefers casual clothes of a breeches and shirt variety, but Liliya never lets him wear that, she always insists that he be dressed in smart clothes, if not a suit, then at least tailored slacks and a nice shirt.




CURRENT LOCATION: Anywhere that Liliya is.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Man servant and companion to Liliya, though over the years he has had many jobs to provide for her, from his first job as a blacksmith, to a goods transporter. He invested whatever ( relatively small) amount of money that was left over from Liliya’s extravagances, in property and items. Liliya is one to like the finer things in life but they must always be the latest and most fashionable items available. Grigory made a point of never letting her discard the things she had grown tired of, he simply stored them and sold them at a later date, some very much later, making the items valuable antiques.

FAMILY: The son of a third generation blacksmith, Grigory learnt the trade practically from the cradle, his mother having died when he was just over a year old. She had always been a sickly woman but had never fully recovered from birthing and nursing him. He got married when he was 20 and was very much in love with his wife, though they never had children. She was killed by a runaway horse while crossing the street to go to market.


CHILDHOOD: Grigory wouldn’t call his childhood happy by modern standards, he was often smacked or beaten by his father when he did something wrong and he was worked hard from a young age. He always had enough to eat and a dry place to sleep, so he counted himself as fortunate.

EDUCATION: Basic letters that he learnt from customers that hung around his fathers blacksmith shop while waiting for their horse to be shoed or their items repaired.




PERSONALITY: Grigory had always been very self assured and confident in his convictions, though over the years he has found it harder and harder to keep his own opinions when faced with the constant onslaught that is Liliya.

SPECIAL SKILLS: As a vampire he woke up very strong and with a self control that very few possess. He had the ability to survive on very little blood and to know exactly when to stop drinking without being told or trained by his sire, which was a good job since Liliya seemed to be lacking that particular skill.


STRENGTHS: He is not so much a slave to blood as many other Vampires are, he can go days without feeding and suffer very few side effects to this diet. This has meant that one of the few times he had been captured, starving him into submission hadn’t worked.


WEAKNESSES: His devotion to Liliya and inability to say no to her. When she agreed to turn him he vowed that he would be forever in her debt and would be her constant by her side. He has looked after her as best he could over their many years together but unfortunately fell into the same trap her parents did of spoiling her.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Eyes watch but cannot take; So near and yet so far- Russian proverb.”

FIND ME IN: See You On The Other Side


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