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Jefferson Reed.jpeg

D.O.B: 12th November 1996


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Dark Brown, very friendly looking with a little crinkle at the side when he smiles. Sometimes seen from behind a pair of glasses that he wears when he feels he needs to look older, being rather baby faced without them when wearing his contacts.

Hair: Black, which he wears clipped short

Height: 5ft 10

Physique: Slender, wiry more than muscular.

Style: Jefferson tends towards the hipster nerd look, just on the cool side of geeky. He’d team a smart shirt with jeans and bead or leather bracelets.




CURRENT LOCATION: He splits his time between his parents home in London and his flat share in Oxford.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Student and part time Donor.

FAMILY: His parents are still together and still living in his childhood home. He has an older brother who is the exact opposite of him, not very academic but excelling in sports who now works as a car mechanic.


CHILDHOOD: Jefferson’s childhood was normal in terms of family and growing up, there was no major traumas in his life that affected him, though he vividly remembers the upset of his aunt suddenly dying when he was 15. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the shock of seeing his dead aunt looking rather well and very much alive, working behind the bar in a club in Edinburgh. He approached her, demanding to know what was going on, and that was his first introduction into the hidden world and the fact that Vampires are actually real.

EDUCATION: Jefferson has been studious all his life and did very well in school, having a very good memory for facts and figures. He excelled in maths, receiving an A* in his GCSE’s , he then went on to do Math’s at A-Level as well as History and Sociology. Jefferson is no studying Finance at Oxford.


QUALIFICATIONS:  Jefferson is studying for his Masters in Financial Economics.


PERSONALITY: Jefferson is known as a very sweet and patient person, understanding , sympathetic, kind and a friend to everyone. He’s rather quiet, preferring to watch and listen rather than join in, but has started to come out of his shell a bit and gain in confidence since he became a Donor.

SPECIAL SKILLS: Jefferson has what is classed as an eidetic memory, more commonly know as a photographic memory, meaning he can see something for only a short amount of time yet be able to recall it perfectly.


STRENGTHS: Jefferson is very good at analysing a situation and applying logic.


WEAKNESSES: Jefferson doesn’t always have faith in himself and often doubts his own abilities.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Make it simple, but significant- Don Draper”

FIND ME IN: See You On The Other Side

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