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D.O.B: 19th January 1987                        



Eyes:  Spring grass green, wide and expressive.

Hair: Black, straight as a poker, hanging down to her backside. She likes to have fun with her hair, often wearing coloured hair pieces or by curling it.

Height: Tall for a girl at 5ft 10

Physique: While she wishes that she could be counted as “Willowy” she is more on the sturdy side. As she likes to put it, she’s all hips and arse.  She bounces between a size 12 and 14 depending on how much pizza she’s eaten that week. A gourmet chef, she’s not.

Style: As different and alternative as possible. She doesn’t have one specific style, preferring to dress for her moods, calling herself a hippy rock chick with gothic tendencies.


MARITAL STATUS: A Single Pringle.




CURRENT OCCUPATION: Paranormal investigative journalist… or put simply, the weird girl.


FAMILY: Her Beloved Sisters.


CHILDHOOD: She was the only sister to fully embrace and flourish in their rather unorthodox upbringing.  She thrived on all things weird and wonderful, spending many happy hours quizzing guests on their countries and beliefs, reading up on folklore and otherworldly beings. She followed her mother onto a Pagan pathway and learnt at her side until her death.


EDUCATION: Home Schooled until the last two school years, she left school and never returned.


QUALIFICATIONS: Basic exam passes, but she was never that bothered about school. The things she was interested in were not taught there nor were they found in the pages of an educational book. She left school and began to travel around the country and parts of Europe, researching local legends and superstitions.


PERSONALITY: Wild and wacky with a wicked sense of humour. She’s friendly with a cheekiness that makes people warm to her quickly. She’s straight talking and as blunt as a hammer to the head, taking no crap from anyone. She is fiercely protective of those she loves and thinks nothing of letting her foul mouth fly when she feels the need.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Being the witch of the family she has finely honed instincts and a gift for divination. She fights dirty when she needs to and wouldn’t hesitate to use magic in defence if she had no other choice.


STRENGTHS: She’s strong willed and almost stupidly fearless when it comes to supernatural creatures. Nothing phases her.


WEAKNESSES: Again, she can be stupidly fearless and will excitedly dive headfirst into any situation if she thinks she’ll be able to help, prove a theory or get a story.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed, See You On The Other Side and Not Strong Enough.

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