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D.O.B: March 11th 1889    D.O.T:  June 14th 1910                  



Eyes: Dark Green

Hair: Black hair, swept back from his face.

Height: 5ft 10

Physique: Lean , yet not skinny. He has sculpted cheek bones and a fine straight nose.

Style: He dresses a bit like a rocker, showing his love of music with a selection of band shirts and casual jeans.


MARITAL STATUS: Single and ready to mingle.






FAMILY: His family have all passed away now, though he counts Logan as family, since he grew up knowing him as a close friend of his fathers.


CHILDHOOD: Very idyllic, privileged. He had two sisters and an older brother and lived on the outskirts of London with his mother, father, grandmother and numerous servants.


EDUCATION: Tutored by a governess when he was a child and then a tutor when he was a teen.




PERSONALITY: Mason is a classic cheeky chappie. He’s always ready for a laugh or to tell you a joke. He is flirtatious by nature, easy going and playful.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Mason hasn’t show any special skills that aren’t standard in any turned vampire, but he’s always on the lookout, wanting something to manifest. Sometimes it takes time and the vampire maturing to develop a skill unique to them and Mason is still relatively young in vampire years.


STRENGTHS: His ability to always look on the bright side endears people to him, making friends and easily gaining their trust.


WEAKNESSES: Because he is so genuine, he believes that everyone else is too, and this sometimes gets him in to trouble.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “A positive attitude may not solve every problem, but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience.”

FIND ME IN: Two Minutes To Midnight

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