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D.O.B: 22nd November 1768



Eyes: Amber with hazel flecks.

Hair: Dark, chocolate brown, very thick, and hangs down to his shoulders. He often wears it in a half pony tail when at work.

Height: 6ft 3

Physique: He’s not hugely bulky like a bear shifter, but has his fair share of muscles, those they are sleekly defined.

Style: Nikos embraces the casual look, even when he’s at work, living and dying in his favourite leather jacket, though he will change from his usual battered jeans and band shirt, into black jeans and a black shirt when on door duty.






CURRENT OCCUPATION: Doorman and part time private security.


FAMILY: Too many to list, Father, Mother, six sisters, numerous nieces and nephews, uncles, aunts and cousins.


CHILDHOOD: He grew up in a shifter only town, situated deep in the Cotswolds country side, so he had a traditional shifter upbringing, playing around with his family until he was old enough to start work, learning to control his shifts.


EDUCATION: He was home schooled as much as you can school a shifter, they are notoriously difficult to educate unless they have an interest in the subject, being rather hyperactive and full of energy.




PERSONALITY: Nikos is very laid back and easy going, preferring to laugh rather than fight. But make no mistake, he is not a push over and will stand his ground ruthlessly if he has to.


SPECIAL SKILLS: The ability to shift into a full wolf, but also to have the enhanced senses when in human form, such as heightened hearing, sense of smell and very good eyesight, even in the dark.


STRENGTHS: His wolf abilities, sense of calm and logical mind.


WEAKNESSES: His animal instincts can sometimes dictate to him.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed, See You On The Other Side and Not Strong Enough.

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