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D.O.B: 13th September 47AD    D.O.T: 21st December 75AD                              



Eyes: Piercing Blue

Hair: Black, cut neatly but a little longer than standard, just about collar length

Height: 6ft 2

Physique: Muscular but not body builder large.

Style:  He likes to stick to smart suits when working, feeling that it gets him in the mood to work, but on his off nights, he prefers to stick with a casual shirt teamed with a simple pair of jeans.


MARITAL STATUS: Bonded to Amethyst.



CURRENT OCCUPATION: Club Owner but also owns a restaurant in Paris, and a hotel in Greece.


FAMILY: None, mother is deceased and he never knew his father.


CHILDHOOD: Spent helping his mother with her chores or working in the stables until the age of ten when he was sold to one of the Pompeii training camps.


EDUCATION: None while alive but once turned he dedicated himself to learning as much as he could, learning to read and devouring any book he could get his hands on. He travelled extensively, learning all he could about other cultures and their history through the stories of Elders.




PERSONALITY: Cassian would describe himself as grumpy with a hint of impatience. He doesn’t like to waste his time with trivial things when there is work to be done and people to yell at.


SPECIAL SKILLS: He develop the vampires ability to influence the minds of others, being able to slip in and take control, implanting an idea in his victims head or even an order.


STRENGTHS: He is generally level headed and calm in a crisis, being able to access a situation in seconds and make a decision on what to do for the best.


WEAKNESSES: He would say he has no weaknesses, but he has moments of being shy and uncomfortable in some social situations, finding it hard to interact with people.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Fake right, then take them from the left.”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed, See You On The Other Side and Not Strong Enough.

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