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NAME: Elias Raynott


D.O.B: 15th March 1902


D.O.T: 17th September 1933



Eyes: Light brown, sometimes hazel.

Hair: Light brown, worn swept back from his face in a side parting.

Height: 5ft 7

Physique: Some would call him scrawny but he would say slender and perfectly formed.

Style: He favours casual jeans and shirt but only wears them on his nights off. When on duty he wears the same 1920s style suits as everyone else. As head of security he needs to blend in and be seen as any other member of staff.


MARITAL STATUS: Unmated but with a casual donor girlfriend he sees semi-regularly.




CURRENT OCCUPATION: Head of Security at the Black Hand Casino.


FAMILY: Elias grew up in Philadelphia, the eldest son of five siblings born to Jewish immigrant parents.


CHILDHOOD: His father was a labourer, a builder by trade and taught his sons the family business. But by the time he was Twenty-five Elias wanted more out of life than to be stuck in their little town and took a job with a company that moved where the work was. He traveled around for a few years until, aged 29 he began work on the Boulder Dam (now know as the Hoover Dam) in 1931. He soon fell into a bad crowd, going to the local gambling dens and drinking establishments where he ended up working for the men in charge.



EDUCATION: Nothing formal beyond basic education until the age of eleven.


QUALIFICATIONS: Nothing formal.


PERSONALITY: Elias is very laid back and cheeky, loving a practical joke and possesses an infectious laugh.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Having worked for the mob for a number of years, both before and after his turning, he has an intimate knowledge of gamblers and their tricks, troublemakers and the inner workings of a casino. He helped Andreas set up the establishment and was happy to take on the role of head of security, having always loved technology.


STRENGTHS: He is quick witted and able to think like the undesirables he protects the club from.


WEAKNESSES: He can get a little too carried away with his work and forget to eat or pay attention to other things.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: You get what you work for, not what you wish for.

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