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D.O.B:  11th November 1751    D.O.T: 1783              



Eyes: Bright green

Hair: Long, to the backs of his knees, straight and glossy black.

Height:6ft 2

Physique: Lean, slender but with clearly defined muscles.

Style: Damian has an almost classic European style, favouring smart trousers and tailored shirts, often silk. But while he usually wears classic black pants, he likes rich colours in his shirts, deep reds, forest greens, sapphire blues etc.








FAMILY: His father was of Spanish Romany family, and his mother of Irish/Celtic decent. He got his dark hair from his father but pale skin and eyes from his mother.


CHILDHOOD: Mother died in childbirth and he was raised in his fathers family. His father never married again and wasn’t much of a hands on father, mostly leaving Damian in the care of his grandmother, his fathers mother. His mother having no family. They travelled a lot, as is their way, never staying in one place for too long.


EDUCATION: Nothing formal, though he was schooled in many arts by his grandmother. He learnt to read after he was turned when he found that the world had moved on from the simple life he was used to and had grown in to something where reading was essential, rather than a tool few used.


QUALIFICATIONS: Nothing formal. Though he was trained in all the arts of fortune telling from his grandmother, working on the gifts he was born with.


PERSONALITY: Damian is seen as a rather quiet male. He speaks little and listens much, yet when he does talk, you had better listen, for he is one to impart great wisdom and speak much sense. He is seen as being quite aloof , though really he is a little shy, but when he gets to know someone, and feels comfortable, he displays a sharp wit and a wicked sense of humour. He finds it difficult to trust people, something he was taught from a young age, and because of this he often plays his cards close to his chest. Yet when you earn his trust he is loyal to a fault and can always be counted on. Stable and methodical in many ways, he is also very spiritual and a bit of a dreamer, content in his own company. More fond of animals than people, he has a great love for his cat and horse, riding whenever he can.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Born with the gift of second sight ( Durriken meaning ‘he who forecasts’)  he receives visions of the future and the past, something that only got stronger after his turning. Wise beyond his years , at a young age he could look at someone and know what they were feeling or sometimes even thinking. Now that he is a vampire his skills are much stronger, allowing him to be one of the rare vampires that can control humans and read their minds. Do not attempt to play cards with him or cheat him in any way, he will know. He was taught pickpocketing at a young age, but isn’t a fan of that particular skill, though he can still break in to a house as silently and stealthily as a ghost, and will use those skills to his advantage if he has to.


STRENGTHS: The ability to keep calm in a crisis and be rather like a human lie detector , due to his psychic skills.


WEAKNESSES: Being such a quiet soul, he doesn’t make friends easily and is rather shy around females.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Gypsy gold does not clink and glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark.”

FIND ME IN: Two Minutes To Midnight

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