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NAME: Mathias Hearn


D.O.B: 4th February 1498


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Amber

Hair: Light brown, cut short

Height: 6ft 2

Physique: Muscular but softening with age.

Style: Now that he is in his middle years, he has started to dress a little more like a human male when he is in public. He likes classic shirts and linen trousers, he refuses jeans completely. He often teams these with a V-necked jumper or a light jacket.


MARITAL STATUS: Mated to Fleta


CURRENT LOCATION: Randale Village, Cotswolds, England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Clan Alpha and Council Elder for the wolf shifters.


FAMILY: His mate, Fleta, his son, Nikos and his 6 daughters. His parents have passed on. One estranged brother that he exiled from the clan, two younger brothers and three younger sisters.


CHILDHOOD: Like any wolf cub he minded his parents when they were watching but was rather wild when alone. His clan have lived in their Village for hundreds of years, some even before it was a village.


EDUCATION: Home schooled




PERSONALITY: Mathias is a very stern man, taking his duties very seriously. He doesn’t like to be corrected or to be challenged, being very set in his ways. He is used to making decisions for everyone and refuses to accept that he doesn’t know best.


SPECIAL SKILLS: His mate would say stubbornness was his natural skill.


STRENGTHS: Being clan alpha means that Mathias is the strongest wolf shifter, but also the one of the purest blood, having inherited the position from his father, and grandfather etc.


WEAKNESSES: His resistance to change and refusing to listen to another opinion.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.”


FIND ME IN: Not Strong Enough.

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