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NAME: Mandy and Greg Hollison


D.O.B: Mandy: 15th December 1852 Greg: 8th October 1910


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Mandy has blue eyes and Greg has brown

Hair: Both have brown hair, Greg’s is cut short, shaved at the sides and longer on top whole Mandy’s is mid-length and wavy.

Height: Both are average height, Mandy being 5ft 5 and Greg 5ft 10

Physique: Neither are particularly athletic, preferring a more sedate lifestyle with lots of home comforts. They like their food and have embraced being a little cuddly.

Style: Casual jeans and shirts are the order of the day for them both.


MARITAL STATUS: Married to each other.


CURRENT LOCATION: Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: They run a guest house together that is supernatural friendly. Mandy is a sorceress and Greg is a mage.


FAMILY: They both have a large extended family but no children of their own.


CHILDHOOD: Mandy was raised by her single mother as an only child, while Greg was brought up by his happily married parents along with his older brother.


EDUCATION: Both were home schooled


QUALIFICATIONS: Both learnt their crafts from their parents, inheriting their bloodlines gifts.


PERSONALITY: Both are very laid back and they would say normal and boring when they aren’t practicing their crafts. They like to watch quiz shows together and shout out the answers and they enjoy nights spent at their local pub where Greg is on the darts team.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Magic and alchemy.


STRENGTHS: They are easy going and enjoy hard work.


WEAKNESSES: They like to know what is going on, loving a good gossip session, which is why they run a guest house and talk to their guests.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Think of this as your home from home.”


FIND US IN: Not Strong Enough.

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