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Kenji and Seneca.jpg

NAME: Seneca and Kenji Tatsu


D.O.B: Unknown but Ancient in Kenji’s case.


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Kenji had dark green eyes and Seneca has light brown with hints of gold.

Hair: Both had dark, straight hair. Seneca wears hers long and braided down the back, Kenji’s has his unbound and cut to his shoulders.

Height: Seneca is tiny at 5ft 2, while Kenji is small for a shifter at 5ft 8 but they make up for it in dragon form.

Physique: Both very slender and athletic.

Style: They both take inspiration from their Japanese roots by incorporating it into a more modern style.


MARITAL STATUS: Mated to each other.


CURRENT LOCATION: They split their time between London and Tokyo


CURRENT OCCUPATION: They are fashion designers, liking the finer things in life. Dragons like to hoard.


FAMILY: They once had many siblings each but now they are alone. Dragon shifters of their breed are very rare.


CHILDHOOD: They both had relatively happy childhoods.


EDUCATION: Nothing formal.


QUALIFICATIONS: They both have degrees in fashion and the history of clothes.


PERSONALITY: They are both soft spoken and calm but that doesn’t mean they are push overs. They are very respectful of others and their opinions, seeing politeness as a virtue.


SPECIAL SKILLS: They have the ability to take an item and vanish it from this realm into a secret pocket realm that only one dragon has access to, where they keep their hoards.


STRENGTHS: All shifters are physically superior to humans, but dragons are the biggest and strongest in beast form.


WEAKNESSES: They don’t believe they have any.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


SEE US IN: Not Strong Enough

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