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D.O.B: 12th July 1574  D.O.T: 1590                      



Eyes: Big, baby blue , innocent looking.

Hair: Long, straight, pale blonde.

Height: 5ft

Physique: Elena was turned just a few days after her 16th birthday and so she has a very youthful appearance.

Style: Elena loves to play on her girlish appearance, often dressing in demure, catholic school girl, Alice in Wonderland like clothing. She finds that people often underestimate her, which gives her the upper hand and she plays to it.




CURRENT LOCATION: London , England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Council agent and part time barmaid.


FAMILY: She disowned her family when they tried to force her to marry.


CHILDHOOD: She lived a typically idyllic childhood as the only daughter of a wealthy land owner and his devoted wife.  She believed that her parents loved her, even though they sometimes treated her with indifference. If she wanted anything, she had it, though she was more often than not, alone to enjoy them. Her father saw her as a commodity to bargain with for land and money, something she would not stand for.


EDUCATION: She had a governess that taught her to read, write and basic maths, along with the skills becoming of a woman of that era. Everything else she taught herself.




PERSONALITY: Elena looks sweet and innocent but is a grade A, foul mouthed bitch. She doesn’t suffer fools and has very little patience with people whom she sees as wasting her time.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Her vampire skills include the unique ability to detect when people are lying.


STRENGTHS: She has a quick mind and fantastic fighting skills.


WEAKNESSES: She sometimes lets her anger get the better of her.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Life for you.”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed and See You On The Other Side

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