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NAME: Willow Clements


D.O.B: 17th June 1986


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Bright, clear blue

Hair: Straight, hanging to mid-back. She wears it either black with red streaks or red with black streaks.

Height: Tall for a female at 5ft 11

Physique: She describes herself as gently curved. She’s not athletic in the slightest preferring yoga and chasing gnomes.

Style: Willow calls herself a cheerful goth with hippy tendencies.


MARITAL STATUS: In a very complicated on/off relationship with Zagan


CURRENT LOCATION: New Orleans or England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Witch Elder for the council and head of the English Witches Coven.


FAMILY: Mother, Father and one brother.


CHILDHOOD: Willow was brought up within the Essex branch of the Coven. She tested well in all her early magical studies, blooming at puberty to become the most powerful natural witch in the coven.


EDUCATION: She was home and coven educated, receiving no formal schooling.


QUALIFICATIONS: Various in all branches of spellwork.


PERSONALITY: Willow is generally very easy going by nature but does not suffer fools. When she gets annoyed she does it in the most spectacularly dramatic way possible. She is friendly and approachable with everyone and always willing to help, especially if she counts you as a friend. She is tough and sneaky in getting her own way, believing that most rules are bendable if you only apply the right pressure.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She has more natural talents than any other witch alive and uses them well.


STRENGTHS: Very powerful with a logical head.


WEAKNESSES: She is an Empath so can be a little over emotional and dramatic.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Do no harm but take no shit.”


FIND ME IN: Not Strong Enough, and my own episodic series.

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