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D.O.B: 9th April 1992                    


Eyes: Forrest green, darker than her sisters.

Hair: Wavy , mid length golden blonde hair that she usually wears in a bun or chignon.

Height: 5ft 2

Physique: A slender size 10 that some might consider skinny. She has always had issues with her body and her lack of curves, wishing her boobs were bigger and her butt more shapely. To hide what she considers her inaccuracies, she wears suits and is hardly ever seen without a jacket

Style: Business almost always, unless she is at home, then she will relax in yoga pants and a comfy T-shirt.


MARITAL STATUS: Bonded to Avery




CURRENT OCCUPATION: Accountant and risk accessor.


FAMILY: Two sisters, their parents are both dead.


CHILDHOOD: Dragged up by two hippies who preferred freedom to rules and outside playtime to homework and bedtime.


EDUCATION: Home Schooled until her last two school years when she attended to sit her exams. From there she attended sixth form and then university.


QUALIFICATIONS: A grades in Maths, English, Science , French and History. A levels in Maths and English and a university degree in advanced mathematics , accountancy and business studies.


PERSONALITY: Quiet and very normal, thank you very much. She’s studious and hard working, liking everything to be just so, craving organisation and routine.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She can balance your books and find you money you forgot you even had.


STRENGTHS: A logical mind and the ability to see patterns and repetition in numbers. She can calculate a risk and accurately predict an outcome.


WEAKNESSES: Hates anything supernatural, paranormal or in any way weird.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Mathematics may not teach us how to add love and minus hate, but it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution.”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed, See You On The Other Side and Not Strong Enough.

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