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D.O.B: 3rd June 1990                


Eyes: Bright Green

Hair: Red and straight, hanging down to mid back

Height: 5ft 5

Physique:  A curvy size 12 after battling with her weight for years.

Style: Amy is happier in baggy clothes that hide her body, she hates attention and does her best to avoid it.


MARITAL STATUS: Bonded to Cassian.

CURRENT LOCATION: London, England.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Day Manager at Carpe Noctem.


FAMILY: Both of Amy's parents have passed away, but she is very close to her sisters, Tanzanite and Sapphire.


CHILDHOOD: The sisters parents were proud hippies, living in an old fire station that they converted to a small family area, only 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, the rest was open plan or communal, containing a large kitchen, a unisex toilet and shower block and the largest area filled with beds in which people could stay, making it a hostel of sorts that welcomed travellers of all types. They also had a large garden in which people could pitch tents if they preferred to sleep outside.


EDUCATION: Home schooled until the last two school years when she sat her exams, doing well in them all, completed sixth form and was accepted to university but left before she finished her qualifications.


QUALIFICATIONS: Standard school exams and an A Level in English.


PERSONALITY: Amy is very quiet and reserved, nervous of everything and everyone, and not inclined to join in with any jokes or play as most other people would. But she’s determined to get over her fears and make something of her life.


SPECIAL SKILLS: None that she knows of.


STRENGTHS: She would say she has no strengths.




FAVOURITE QUOTE: “ Keep yourself to yourself.”

FIND ME IN: Only Women Bleed, See You On The Other Side and Not Strong Enough.

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