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D.O.B:    16th June 1969 and 9th of August 1971                     



Eyes: They both have warm, friendly brown eyes.

Hair: Clarissa has dark brown, curly hair that is cut just above her shoulders. Andy had mid-brown hair with a few threads of grey.

Height: Clarissa is 5ft 4 Andy is 5ft 9

Physique: Clarissa describes herself as a typically plump person, with a little too much padding on her love handles, but that just makes her all the more cuddly and sweet. Andy is your typical average Joe, average height, average build, going a little soft around the middle but with an open, friendly face that just makes you want to hug him.

Style: They have both grown out of their more bohemian style and settled into a casual style that suits both their jobs and their personalities. Clarissa likes flower print patterns and comfy skirts or linen trousers, while Andy favours a cool cotton shirt and casual slacks.


MARITAL STATUS: Married to each other.




CURRENT OCCUPATION: Owners and teachers at Athena’s Academy.


FAMILY: No children, their research trips never seemed safe enough to take kids along, but honestly, they really only have eyes for each other and are happy with each other’s company.


CHILDHOOD: They grew up in wildly different ways. Andy’s parents were quite straight laced, church going villagers from a small place in Cornwall, while Clarissa grew up in a tower block in Essex with her single mother who would rather be doing anything but staying in with her daughter.


EDUCATION: They both completed their basic schooling but didn’t bother staying on to do further education. Andy took on as an apprentice to a locksmith and Clarissa was content to work in a shop as a sale assistant.

QUALIFICATIONS: No formal ones.


PERSONALITY: Both are very easy going and friendly, acting as parental figures to a number of their students. They are always fair but expect hard work.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Andy having trained as a locksmith is a very handy person to have while on a paranormal investigation.


STRENGTHS: They work very well as a team, they are so in tune with each other that they can practically communicate without words.


WEAKNESSES: A habit of always seeing the good in people.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win – Stephen King”

FIND US IN: Two Minutes To Midnight

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