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D.O.B: 20th April 1989 



Eyes: Green

Hair: Long, curly red hair.

Height: 5ft 10 ish.

Physique: Curvy UK size 14

Style: Likes comfy jeans and t-shirts for everyday and tends towards the hippy side for special dress ups.


MARITAL STATUS:  Bonded to Logan McGregor.

She was a self-proclaimed dating disaster, she could never find someone that understood her and was constantly being set up on blind dates by her so-called friends. Most blind dates were uninteresting and she found the males to be either ignorant, over opinionated, lax in their hygiene or physically repulsive to her. No one ever seemed to match up to the perfect man that was in her head. She has always felt like there was someone missing from her life, someone special and that no one else would do. She just had to travel to Edinburgh to find him.


CURRENT HOME: Lived on the outskirts of London but moved to Edinburgh to be with Logan.


OCCUPATION: Works at Athena’s Academy, an independent learning college. She teaches Folk-lore and Mythology. The Academy branches out into all matters of the Paranormal world. Ghost hunting, Mediumship, Parapsychology etc. It also produces a newsletter and an information service for the Paranormal world.


FAMILY: Her parents are divorced. Her mother now lives with her grandparents and her father moved to Germany. She hardly sees her mother or grandparents as they don’t support her way of thinking, her beliefs, her job and are especially peeved about her changing her name, insisting on calling her by her old name, just to make a point. She has one brother and a sister. Her brother is older than her at 30 years old, while her sister is younger only, 19 but living on her own.


CHILDHOOD: She had quite a happy childhood, though her parents argued quite a lot towards the end of her living at home. She was never very popular at school but had a close circle of friends who she still sees. She was teased for her belief in the paranormal and her devotion to her craft.


EDUCATION: She did her basic schooling but didn’t get on very well with college. She was always a bit of a dreamer and read widely on a variety of subjects. She has conducted an in-depth study of her craft and was always interested in the world of the Paranormal. She studied this more than her regular lessons.

She left school and began to work at numerous part time jobs, including shop work and waitressing, always growing bored and moving on to the next, while doing home study courses in the Paranormal, the Psychic arts and Witchcraft.


QUALIFICATIONS: Home study degrees in Mythology and Folk-lore, The Psychic arts and Parapsychology. Did a course in Beginners Latin (mostly for her magickal work).


RELATIONSHIPS: She has had one semi-long term relationship with a boy named Bradley. They met at school and were dating until he moved away to go to college. They tried to make it work but they were just to different. Bradley has now met and married a woman named Patsy and they have 3 children.


PERSONALITY: Topaz is outgoing and chatty. She is open and honest and always speaks her mind, this often gets her into trouble. She likes classic 80’s rock music and a few other types but hates pop, dance and club music. She worries a lot about doing the right thing and helping people. She tries to find the good in everyone.


SPECIFIC SKILLS: She is a witch/wiccan and is a very strong spell caster.


STRENGTHS: She has a very logical way about her. She likes to research before she acts which is good. She tries to never rush into anything. She speaks her mind and makes up her mind quickly. She follows her heart.


WEAKNESSES: She can get a little flustered easily and has a bit of a bad memory for names and facts and figures, details, directions etc. she can never seem to keep her mouth shut.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.”

FIND ME IN: Two Minutes To Midnight and Not Strong Enough.

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