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NAME: Giselle Beaufort


D.O.B: 14th January 1632


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Golden with a ring of blue around the iris, slanted in a feline shape.

Hair: Chocolate brown with hints of blonde in a smooth pixie cut.

Height: 5ft 4

Physique: Slender and athletic, like a dancer.

Style: Classic French elegance.




CURRENT LOCATION: She divides her time equally between London and Paris.


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Dance teacher, owning a prestigious dance school. Leopard elder for the Council.


FAMILY: Giselle is part of a small, intimate clan, most of them having been wiped out by inbreeding and disease many years before. All she has left is a few cousins that are scattered across the world.


CHILDHOOD: Giselle had a hard childhood, seeing many of her close relations, including her parents and twin sister, die. She is the only one of her immediate family to survive.


EDUCATION: Educated by nuns in a convent after she was found alone at the age of 12.




PERSONALITY: Giselle is very relaxed in most situations. She refuses to think about anything that might remind her of unpleasant memories, or to do anything that may cause her more pain. Because of this she lives her life to please herself, being a great believer in things happening for a reason.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She was once a spy during WW1 and was able to travel inconspicuously as a ballerina.


STRENGTHS: Calm under pressure.


WEAKNESSES: She refuses to listen to others problems or get close to people, meaning she has very few real friends.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “You can’t escape your fate. Embrace it.”

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