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NAME: Garnet Mirren


D.O.B: 18th April 1993


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Height: Almost 6ft

Physique: On the thinner side, often described as willowy or a beanpole.

Style: Garnet has a very girly style, she likes floral dresses and floaty skirts with leggings and denim jackets.






CURRENT OCCUPATION: Historian for Athena’s Academy


FAMILY: Mother and her side of the family have passed apart from her grandfather but she has a father, stepmother, half-brother and a stepsister and stepbrother.


CHILDHOOD: Her mother died when she was three, leaving her an only child until she was nine and her father remarried. Garnet never felt like she fitted in with the family then and spent a lot of time with her mother’s father during school holidays, learning more about her family, her mother being a bit of a banned subject in father’s house.


EDUCATION: Basic primary, secondary and sixth form education followed by university.


QUALIFICATIONS: She did well in her GCSE’s and her A-levels before going on to gain her qualifications to become a teacher.


PERSONALITY: Garnet has quite a strong, bubbly personality. She is generally quite sweet and kind but has a core of steel that many don’t realise is there until it’s too late.


SPECIAL SKILLS: None that are supernatural that she knows of, but she can research like a demon.


STRENGTHS: She’s very focused when she wants to be, if she sets her mind to finding out something she won’t stop until she learns everything she can about it.


WEAKNESSES: She has a habit of jumping to conclusions and reacting before she thinks things through properly.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: Keep your face always towards the sunshine- and shadows will fall behind you- Walt Whitman

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