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NAME: Fleta Hearn


D.O.B: 18th July 1542


D.O.T: N/A



Eyes: A dull gold, like old coins.

Hair: Blonde, cut into a bob.

Height: 5ft 6

Physique: Slender, but with hints of muscles still there.

Style: Fleta has adopted the stylish look of an upper class, middle aged woman. She enjoys tailored skirts, teamed with soft silk blouses and sometimes a pretty cardigan. Being the mate of a Council Elder she spends a lot more time in the mundane world than the other females of the village, so has developed more of a sense of style.


MARITAL STATUS: Mated to Mathias


CURRENT LOCATION: Randale, Cotswolds, England


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Housewife and charity organiser.


FAMILY: Fleta was an only child, her mother dying in childbirth as often happens with pure bred wolves. She had 7 children with Mathias, one son, Nikos and 6 daughters.


CHILDHOOD: Her father doted on her, saying often that she reminded him of his beloved mate. Fleta was nursed by her aunt who remained like a surrogate mother to her.


EDUCATION: Home schooled




PERSONALITY: Fleta is gentle by nature and dislikes confrontation. She was brought up to believe that a female must defer to her mate in all things so very rarely ventures an opinions. She is affectionate with her daughters and grandcubs but was forbidden to be too “cuddly” with Nikos.


SPECIAL SKILLS: She would say that her skill is being able to cook enough food to feed 9 shifters using just an open fire.


STRENGTHS: Silent support for her children and mate.


WEAKNESSES: Not having enough courage to speak up.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Behind every strong alpha is a loving mate.”

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