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D.O.B: January 17th 1762



Sharp cheek bones and a strong jaw, sprinkled with a dusting of stubble.

Eyes: Caramel coloured eyes, cool and shuttered.

Hair: Inky Black hair, worn slightly too long so that it brushed his collar, which he and his brother wore slicked back out of the way.

Height: 6ft 5

Physique: Very muscular, his body forming that classic T-shaped body, wide in the shoulders, tapering down to a narrow waist, defined abs and well-formed pecs.

Style: At work, he and his brother wear a simple, black tailored suit, yet out of work he likes to be comfortable in a t-shirt and sweats, he doesn’t really socialise, preferring to spend his time in his home gym or reading.




CURRENT LOCATION: Edinburgh, Scotland


CURRENT OCCUPATION: Bouncer and bodyguard


FAMILY: Part of a prominent wolf shifter pack, he has his twin brother, Dane, and many sisters, as well as a younger brother.


CHILDHOOD: A pretty normal shifter childhood.


EDUCATION: He never attended school as a child, shifter packs tending to prefer to home school their children even in modern times, shifter children can be headstrong and unruly. As an adult, he shunned formal, organised education, feeling that anything that was taught was nothing more than one person’s opinion, and he always preferred to make up his own mind. It isn’t that he feels he is cleverer than anyone else, or that his opinion is right and all others wrong, he simply prefers to learn by doing or with self-discovery, and so he has spent a lot of his time travelling, exploring and reading anything and everything he can get his hands on.




PERSONALITY: Drake is the quiet, reserved and somewhat surly, twin. He prefers to be left alone to his studies than to have to be sociable and polite. He has a habit of saying things exactly as he sees them, and sometimes he can come across as rude and blunt. He doesn’t mean to be, he just isn’t used to interacting with people, normally leaving Dane to deal with the customers questions, flirtations and drunkenness.


SPECIAL SKILLS: Dane and Drake are skilled trackers, their sense of smell highly developed, due to this, they are capable of catching the subtle scent changes when someone lies or is unwell, suffering from a disease or illness. This makes them very good bouncers, able to sniff out illegal substance use or a patron that had simply had too much to drink, and eject them before they can cause any trouble.


STRENGTHS: Being shifters, they are in possession of increased healing, strength, speed and longevity, it’s not unheard of for a healthy shifter to live over a thousand years. In their wolf form, they are even quicker and very agile, amazing trackers and able to survive in the harshest conditions.


WEAKNESSES: Their animal instincts can sometimes overtake their human ones, leading them to have quick tempers, to make snap decisions and to be rather bloody minded, when they make a decision they aren’t easily swayed. Drake takes the lone wolf lifestyle to the extreme, by keeping himself to himself most days.


FAVOURITE QUOTE: “The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness. Chose one or the other with great care.”

FIND ME IN: Two Minutes To Midnight and Not Strong Enough.

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