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An adult college based in London, though it runs online courses that are accessible all over the world.

Athenas isn’t your average college where you can brush up on your maths skills, or finish that English degree, no, it specialises in everything weird and wonderful in the world.  Offering courses in Mediumship, Mythology, Divination, Vampires, Werefolk, Fae Lore, Ghost Hunting , Vision Quests and many others.

Athenas was started by Andy and Clarissa Johnson in 2005 , two mediums and dedicated ghost hunters , with an interest in everything and anything paranormal. They had searched for places or resources in which to learn and had found a big, fat, nothing. All they seemed to find in their search, was other, just as frustrated people, Topaz amongst them. Each person they met had a specialist area , but wished to broaden their horizons. And so, Athenas was born.

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