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The Donors Guild owns and operates a number of houses in each major city around the world. These act as a base of operations for local branches of the Guild.

The Guild houses have a number of representatives, liaisons and bookers that take care of the Donors that work for them.

Each house has a medical wing with a doctor on call 24/7 to aid any Donor that might be injured while working.

Each Donor is required to pass a background check before being accepted and undergoes specific training to become a registered Donor. The Guild also performs a background investigation of any Vampire that wishes to use their service.  

The Guild provides assistance for its Donors in the form of monetary compensation, legal assistance and funding for such things as housing, tuition or starting a business of their own.

The Donors Guild also protects the Donor, insuring that they remain safe before, during and after all feedings.

In the case of an area with a small Vampire population the Guild will often share a house with the Immortal Council.

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