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The Council Headquarters is located in the depths of a sprawling stately home estate in the heart of England, thought for safety reasons I’m not permitted to give the exact location. It is owned by Andreas Nosos, build specifically for the purpose. It may look like a normal, elegant old castle, but underneath is a network of tunnels leading to strongly built cells, the council chamber where important meetings, trials and events are held, along with the offices of higher up council members.

One of the tunnels leads to the hall of records, the place where hard copies of all the information gathered over the centuries, is stored, some dating as far back as medieval times. These records include the name, age and location of every registered Vampire, Shifter, Demon, Fae or Supernatual being on earth, which obviously is no small task.

The council employs a large number of beings from all walks of life, including record keepers, Enforcers, financial advisers, book keepers and liaisons, as well as those that run the Donors Guild. All these employees have a specific job that helps keep the Council oversee every faction and keep the hidden world running smoothly.

The Council funds help take care of the purchasing and upkeep of the large houses they procure as a base of operations in each major city and country in the world for both the Council and the Guild.

The Council itself is registered under several different company names for business purposes , owning stocks and shares in the majority of large companies around the world, which all helps to keep its coffers full.

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