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A pub run by a wolf Shifter, located a few miles from Carpe Noctem in one of the older, run down parts of town. While not exactly a health inspector’s nightmare, it’s not known for being a palace. The décor is dated, stained from years of smoking and badly in need of an upgrade, the walls carry the scent of a thousand grease filled meals served from the decidedly grubby kitchen.

The bar staff are surly at best and downright nasty at their worst, sexism is rampant, so if you are female and go alone, be prepared to have your boobs spoken to and your arse slapped with little to no warning.

Catering mostly to Shifters, although mortals are allowed entry, it has a reputation for violence, poker games and topless barmaids, making it a popular hang-out for unmated Shifters and those that like to indulge in slightly illegal activities.

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