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The Immortal Council was set up as a governing body for the hidden world, the world of supernatural creatures, as a way of policing the different species and bringing peace to warring factions, along with safety for mortals and immortals alike.

The council was proposed and created by Andreas Nosos, thought to be the oldest living vampire. He travelled the world, seeking out elders of clans and tribes, finding little out of the way communities , and bringing them all together in one place, to discuss and lay out what would become the Immortal Laws.

The Laws were pretty simple to start with, the importance of secrecy being the main concern, each faction having had its own losses at the hands of humans as well as other beings. They called for peace between the factions, not fighting amongst themselves. Old feuds and dishonour still being felt to the point of some species almost going extinct as they waged war on each other. It had to end.

They all agreed to set aside their differences, to solve problems and disagreements in a fair way, punishments being voted on and decided by the council.

Each faction had both a male and female elder to represent their species, some partners and ruling couples, some not, but all with their species best interests at heart.

The council chose to employ Enforcers, made up of Shifters, Demons, Vampires and Fae, to name but a few, hand picked by the Elders to act as a kind of police force within their own communities to deal with rule breakers or those that threatened their secrecy and survival.

Over the years, with the advancements in technology, they had to add new rules and safeguards to protect their world, employing not just enforcers, but computer techs and those that worked jobs within the mundane world, such as police, government officials, clerical workers, bank managers and the like, ones that could help with everyday problems that immortals could face such as credit checks, driving licenses, passports and name changes when they had outstayed their time in a certain place.

The council still meets once a year to discuss and review any business, proposed rule changes or big grievances between factions, though a meeting can be called earlier in the event of an emergency. Like the Black Death, when it spread through Europe, decimating the population, it made hunting and feeding extremely difficult for Vampires. That lead to the creation of the Donors Guild, an organisation that monitored and organised Donors for Vampires.

The Council still remains a big part of the supernatural world , though Andreas himself has stepped down from his role as council Elder for the Vampires, and taken on the role of an Ancient, along with three other beings who remain from the original council creators, Imani , the black panther ancient, Nero, the Demon ancient and Louve, the wolf Ancient.  Although the Ancients have taken a back seat from the day to day running of the council, they still hold sway and can overturn a ruling if the situation calls for it.

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