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Around ten years ago, right at the start of my writing career, I fell into the world of online Role Play. This happened completely by accident and without much foresight or planning. I just discovered a world of people writing as characters from some of my favourite book series and I started to chat to them. My profile (as this was on Facebook) basically said, I’m Willow, I’m a gothy witch and a bit of a weirdo. That was apparently enough, everyone there assumed I was a character and a role-player too and started to interact with me, to write with me. And so Willow the witch was born.

The stories created were some of my favourites ever, and since I left the roleplay world to concentrate on my books, I have missed both the stories and the characters so much. So, after a lot of thinking things over and a lot of pressure from Willow the Witch’s fan base, I have decided that she should be resurrected. Although, after so many years, it just didn’t feel right for me to change her name and make her into someone she isn’t. so you’ll just have to deal with the fact that she shares my name.

Her stories will be available here on my website and on Wattpad with a view to eventually publish them as collections of short stories. Willow herself will also be making many appearances in my book world as she grows into a real character in her own right.

As the Witch was created in the Roleplay world she has brought a few friends with her that don't belong to me. The character of Myst, the Dragon, is the property of my good friend, Tasha Mapes, who has kindly given me permission to use her character as she appeared in the original stories and we have plans for a collaboration or two in the near future.

Please check back often to follow her adventures, I promise you, you will fall in love with her and her Soul Mate just as much as I have. I’ll be posting links and updates to her stories on my Facebook page, Instagram, Tumblr blog , Twitter and Wattpad, so follow me up on all of my platforms to keep up to date with the Carpe Noctem World.

So, please join me in welcoming back my very first character, my home girl, my favourite ever, Willow the Witch.

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