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An establishment run for Donors, by Donors. A homely little place with a distinct family feel, open 24 hours a day, so it’s always open when it’s needed most, located up town from Carpe Noctem in a London side street.

The café is the go-to place for Donors who need a boost after a nights feeding. The servings are huge, calorie laden platters of goodness, washed down with copious amounts of fresh orange juice, all designed to facilitate the recovery process.

For those Donors that have maybe given too much or have had a rough night, the upper floors of the building house a number of simply furnished bedrooms where they can rest and recover.

Open only to Donors or supernatural creatures such as Shifters, who are known to have a large appetite, it has become a popular place to hang out and gossip or simply meet up with friends without the need to censor themselves.

Opened in 1995 by Chloe and Amanda, two Donors who retired from donating but wished to stay a part of the community that had welcomed them.

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