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The Black Hand Casino

A hotel and casino in Las Vegas, owned by Council founder Andreas Nosos.

Situated in a prominent spot on Vegas’s main strip, it is a popular destination for visiting supernaturals.

The hotel caters for both humans and supernaturals alike, having light proof rooms for Vampires, a private gym for those who wish to work out to their fullest without worrying about showing off their otherworldly strength or speed without the risk of being observed. They also have very generous room service for their Shifter clients which is both diverse and large in portion size.

The Black Hand is also one of the very few establishments around the world that is known as neutral ground, a place where any supernatural being is safe from being persecution or hatred due to their race or bloodline although Andreas does not harbor criminals or those wanted for breaking Council laws. Disputes between pack mates or the like do not count and they may reside at the casino as long as they wish.

Andreas does not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards or between his staff and has a zero-tolerance approach to fighting. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and none of his staff are permitted to tell anyone else who works or resides there or inform anyone of a certain person’s whereabouts should they be hunted.

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